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Another Legend...Lost


Yet another music legend has passed away.  At one time THE voice was that of Andy Williams.  As I listen to the new "artists" I can;t help but compare them to true singers like Williams.  Then I am reminded....there is NO comparison.  He was a singer, 99% of todays performers aren't.

Here is a great bio with pics and video of the legendary Andy Williams
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On The Road

Well boys and girls, more fun on the road!!

Wednesday I'll be at Harley-Davidson of Greenville for our final bike night of the season.  Seems like they have gone by so quickly and we find ourselves at late September. 

Here is a video clip from one of the events last month.


Then on Saturday we expect a huge corowd for a great the Red Cross Poker Run.  This annula event continues to grow and is one of rthis region's premier fund raiseing events.

I'll be there from 5pm until 7pm as the event wraps up, winners are announced, prizes are awarded, and a party cuts loose.
Thanks to Harley of Greenville, a lot of good is done and a lot of money raised. 

Even if you don;t ride a motorcycle this will be a great place to be. 
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A Brave New World

Have you noticed how weird the weather seems today? I think I know why.  In fact I think I am the reason.

Over the weekend, I did what rarely happens with a man my age. I tried something different.  In fact I tried TWO new things.  I know, I know, some of you are woozy at the mere thought of a  cranky old SOB like me opening up and trying something outside of my comfort zone. surprise
My wife, amazing cook that she is, has never been able to get me to try spinach. NEVER....well until Saturday that is.  She decided to make a spinach salad....with bacon....and bacon grease.....and hard boiled eggs...and an odd sounding dressing.  On a whim I tried it. 

Now I admit I was pretty tired from the last few days of remotes at Mac's and Harley of Greenville, so maybe that had something to do with my questionable judgment.  The fact is, I really enjoyed it.  Me....spinach,
who would have thought?

Sunday after church she picked up an eggplant.  One of the oddest looking things I've ever seen.  (Just like Aunt Margo's ass, odd looking and unappealing.)  She said she was making fritters. Eggplant fritters.  I'm serious.....eggplant fritters.  After much effort and energy, frying and popping, I was offered one.  Actually, it was only part of a fritter. An eggplant fritter.  I tried it. It was actually very good.  So good in fact that I had 3 with lunch.  No one is more surprised than me.

So while you have moved around today in and out of showers, the occasional claps of thunder, and a temperature more suited to late March versus mid September, you can thank / blame me.  Better yet, blame the wife.  If she wasn't such a fine cook, you and I wouldn't have to contend with all this odd weather, and new foods.  It's not easy being me.

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New Stones & Tour?

Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell shed some light on the band's recent sessions and rehearsals for their rumored 50th anniversary dates. As it stands now, the Stones are heavily rumored to be playing four shows before years end -- two at London's O2 Arena and two at Brooklyn's new Barclays Center -- although nothing official has been announced. Leavell, who joined the band on the road in 1982, spoke to The Atlanta Journal Constitution and was pressed for the scoop regarding the shows -- but remained tight-lipped, explaining, "They have not made any announcements, so there's no official news to report. (The rumored Brooklyn and London dates) will remain rumors until the band confirms, but we recently had sessions in Paris and worked on two great songs."

He went on to talk about the two new studio tracks to be featured on the Stones' upcoming greatest hits collection, titled, Grrr!, coming on November 13th: "One, Keith (Richards) brought in called 'One More Shot.' It's really cool, great guitar riff. And Mick (Jagger) has one called 'Doom And Gloom.' The song sounds a lot different than the title. The theme is that he's talking to a girl saying all I hear from you is doom and gloom -- let's go party, let's go dance. It's an up-tempo tune. They'll be on the 50th anniversary set coming in November."

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Radio-thon......In the Books

Another Children's Hospital Radio-thon has come and gone.  The two day event was the culmination of months of effort by groups of people whose names you will never hear on the air.

Our Engineering department made sure that all 5 of the Entercom stations sounded great and ensured it happened at two different locations simultaneously.  With three stations orignating from Memorial Hospital and the other two from Mac's Speed Shop every one of our technical needs were met.  Jordan and Tony executed a flawless yet very complex and aggressive plan. Each was at their respective site from 5am to 5pm for two days.  That is in addtion to the weeks of prep work and site visits.

Our Web Mistress, Tracy, created numerous pages for each of the 5 stations,made numerous changes to each station site, all to support the event.  Then as the radio-thon took to the air, she stayed at the Hospital taking pictures, updating all 5 station Facebook pages, as well as the station web sites.  Again, months of work for two, very fast paced, very long days.

Prior to the event, our Director of Production, Stan, interviewed numerous families so he could help tell their stories.  After the interviews, began the process of creating from scratch those stories being set to music.  Marrying the words and emotions of the parents and patients, to the lyrics of a wide variety of songs.  This required not days, not weeks, but months of labor and creativity to convey a multitude of messages.  All that work lasted only 24 hours spread over 5 very diverse stations.

This year we deviated from our standard approach of  having all the stations at a central location by peeling off ROCK101 and The Planet so we could originate our programming from one the coolest places in town, Macks Speed Shop.  Don't let the name fool you.  It is a great restaurant with equally good food and talented staff and management.   They made Stoney, The Rise Guys crew and me very comfortable. They fed us and enabled us ask you, to help others.  They brought staff in before 5am to prepare an amazing breakfast.  All this from an establishment that normally isn't open before 11:30am.  I hoped we helped them as much as they helped us.

Crystal in our Digital department took a billion pics and shot video, Traffic with Jim, Judy, and Sara made sure all of the commercials, etc were scheduled and got on the air. You gotta pay the bills, which brings us to Sales.  There are far too many folks in that department to try to list.  They sold sponsorships, scheduled clients to arrive to be on the air, held hands, stroked egos, and suffered the constant ridicule from.....well most everyone, including me.  That's how we show love. LOL

Last but definitely not least is our Promotions Department.  Kieria, and Lacy were yet another team that had to coordinate a million details to ensure both locations were staffed, decorated, provided updates for each and every function of the event.  Like others they arrived in the five o'clock hour each morning and were the last to leave each evening.  Just like the Marines..first to land...last to leave.  Both ladies did a remarkable job.  Each was responsible for additional members of their department like Tyler, Jonathon and those at the Hospital I never got a chance to see.

So, after all these folks did all their jobs, we got to show up and do ours,  Yak every few minutes, try to entertain and God help us all.....follow directions.  If you think we had the easiest jobs, with the most glamor, you would be right.  Without all those listed above and YOUR financial support to the Children's Hospital, it all would have crashed and burned.  On the other hand it was a glorious success and all of them as well as you get all the credit. On behalf of everyone, thank you.

Old Lar
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On The Road With Old Lar

Next week is going to be a busy one for us.

Tuesday I'll be at Complete Nutrition just off Woodruff as part of Allegiant Air's Vote for Vacation campaign. 

It kicks of at 3pm and runs till 5p.  Come by, cast your "vote" for your idea of a dream vacation...and who knows, YOU just may win that trip. 

On top of that you can win some great ROCK101 prizes like our classic t-shirts, CDs and DVDs.  Its always a party when the ROCK101 van shows up and pops the tent.  (Hmmm...for some reason, that just doesn't look right.) 

Wednesday its Bike Night at Harley-Davidson of Greenville.  The Bike Night schedule wraps up this month but this week, Kyle Petty will be on site and will be on the air with us. 

We'll talk about his Ride Across America, NASCAR, you know....everything!  Either Stoney or I will be there between 7pm and 9pm and if you can't make it, you can hear it on ROCK101



Thursday and Friday I'll be at Mack's Speed Shop as part of our annual Radio thon for the Children Hospital.

From 6am - 10am I'll be doing the local portions of the John Boy & Billy Big Show from the restaurant.  Then at 10am I kick off at 20 song music marathon.
 Now, in addition to the sheer joy of getting to hang out with Old Lar...(LOL) we want you to enjoy a world class breakfast, prepared by the staff of Mack's Speed Shop.  Come have breakfast with me on Thursday and Friday morning (9/13-14) from 6am-10am.  Check out the menu....

o   Pancakes
o   Scrambled eggs
o   Bacon
o   Sausage biscuits & gravy
o   Fresh cut fruits
o   Assorted Danishes
o   Granola
o   OJ, milk, coffee

Buffet style breakfast all for just $7.50

Alcohol will be available

  Special: Bloody Mary’s $2.50

Jeremy Clements
memorabilia will be on-site for a silent auction
Keep in mind a portion of all breakfast proceeds will go towards the GHS Children’s Hospital
Online at Macs
 Then...jump on your cycle and head up for the Trail of Tears Memorial Ride.  

Here is a link with some video, pics and ALL the details INCLUDING the ride route.  Take a few minutes and check out the ride.  Trail of Tears

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Set for publication on October 9th -- John Lennon's 72nd birthday -- will be the Yoko Ono sanctioned book, The John Lennon Letters. The book has been edited by noted Beatles author Hunter Davies and features letters sent by the late Beatle to lovers, friends, family, and fans from every point in his life, and culled from a collection over nearly 300 letters and postcards.

Hunter Davies wrote the 1968 authorized biography The Beatles, with the complete help and support of the Beatles and their families. Due to the fact that most of the group's parents were still alive, much of the book is now deemed to be "whitewashed" in places -- yet remains a perfect spot for a beginner to learn the Beatles' basic history. It broke new ground describing John Lennon and Paul McCartney's songwriting session for "With A Little Help From My Friends," among other insider reporting.

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The Debate Continues

For those of that ride motorcycles, we hear a number of "labels" thrown around.  Sometimes its from other riders, more often its from those who don't. 

While doing some research for another blog topic, I found the following article that sums up, better than I could, some of the terms, myths and misconceptions about bikers, riders, motorcyclists.    

Click here for: Riders Update
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