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Why YOU should be advertising on WROQ ROCK 101!

General Description:  The typical Rock 101 listeners can be described as financially established men who are either settled down with families or otherwise have no children at all.  The largest demographic group in the Greenville Spartanburg Metro that Rock 101 appeals to are adults 25-54.

Rock is the Only Classic Rock station in the Upstate and the main force in ratings and listenership for Men 25-54
P-1 Listening: 36% of Rock 101’s listeners are “P1” or very loyal listener group. They generate 70% of the station’s total listenership.  An advertiser cannot reach these 37,700 Adults on any other station in the market with an adequate selling frequency.

Qualitative Highlights:
Category                    Segment                          Index
Income                       $100,000+ HH                156
Value of Home          $250,000+                       125
Employment              Full-Time                         143
White Collar                                                         137

Sources: Greenville-Spartanburg Metro Fall 08 Arbitron Ratings
Scarborough Release 2 2008 on Adults 18+ in the Metro Area.

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