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Larry Wilson


BEFORE I ARRIVED AT CLASSIC ROCK 101.1:  I managed the largest privately owned wireless network in the U.S.

IF YOU BROKE INTO MY HOUSE, WHAT WOULD WE FIND?:   ..that it looked like someone else had already broken in, and taken all the good crap.

I ENJOY PARTICIPATING IN THE FOLLOWING LEGAL ACTIVITIES:  Define “legal.”  At advice of counsel I’ve been asked to avoid this one.  

WHAT'S YOUR “THEORY” ON MUSIC?:  That it has made more money for other people than it has for me.

BEST CONCERTS I HAVE ATTENDED: (WHO, WHEN, WHERE):  MarshallTucker and Edgar Winter, same bill in Spartanburg.

  • Meeting the caterer for Atlanta Rhythm Section.
  • Taking a virgin to an after concert party with Black Oak Arkansas at their hotel.
FREAKY THOUGHTS GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD:  Why do we need to see TV commercials about “feminine odor”?  Who told the local car dealers they do a better job on their commercials than professionals?  How much would it take to have all the Housewives of Orange County, New York, and Atlanta, put to sleep?  Who screwed up CMT with all those damn shows that have nothing to do with country music?

FAVORITE FOODS:  Anything Italian, or free.  All BBQ!

TELL US SOMETHING NOT EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT CLASSIC ROCK 101.1:  We have a retractable roof in the control room, a hot tub on the roof, and have just recently cancelled the subscription to the Oprah magazine.

TOP 5 MOVIES:  Godfather, Hollywood Knights, Goodfella’s, Heat, Barbershop

TOP 5 IN “ROCK N ROLL” HEAVEN:  John Lennon, Jim Croce, Van Zandt, Robert W. Morgan
and I keep waiting on ABBA and Air Supply to make the trip. Was that too harsh?

TURN ONS:  Pam Anderson, Sound of my Harley cranking up, Banana Pudding

TURN OFFS:  Stoneman wearing shorts and sandals, Rosie O’Donnell, Woodruff Road, staff meetings, lame excuses, people that wait forever to start going thru a traffic light, the entire cast of Bones, those God awful pants women wear that cut off at mid calf, 99% of every reality show.  Did I mention Rosie O’Donnell?  Hell…I could go for hours,

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