Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Chris Caffery & Stoneman Talk

Wednesday, December 7th

Stoneman talks with guitarist Chris Caffery from The Trans-Siberian Orchestra about this years record breaking box office shows at The Well.


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Tell us classic on one of one point one coming up Friday night and the bonds of coral Listerine effort to show and we have to trans Siberian orchestra also you know the voice of the trans Siberian orchestra is Brian Williams regardless for the evening as he's always been an. We'll try to Malulani Jersey talking about Chris Caffrey I don't Chris. Doing a great arm and Oregon are really amazing this year. Well you got its the ghost of Christmas Eve and the best of DSL and more and each year you guys do more. How much more is on the stage this year as opposed to last year. Why don't want the global world I look at the shell like oh my god this has gotten huge minutes. We'd been big but I just think this way this state has put together this year whole entire background as a giant LED train. And it's just. It makes it look outsource. Well you see through the years especially when you guys first started touring in Paul's ideas. All ideas sometimes you sit there and just go there's no way in hell this is gonna work but it does work. You know what used to and you got that magical ability to seek things and then find a way to make them happen I mean there's. That's something you didn't think we're going to be possible some chores when we do stop the new York and if you like like award and then usually get a lot. And it's amazing. Yeah we're tied in with Chris Caffrey trans Siberian orchestra and also Paul O'Neill the the guy didn't comes up with a all these crazy ideas. And media minute LED and things of being so much different is it different to you guys on stage the lights aren't as hot as they used to be. They took boy I'm like that more I saw sunny. Corporate board room were go either way and they eat the markets like his first smoke and fire so that yes they do warmer than the world what highlights. And when you guys to put on a show you have just about everything your disposal is as I talked to Paul one time we turn out goes we basically have no budget it's just we have the best of everything and you guys do the best of everything every single year in a cool thing is. You give so much back towards the charities as well. Ultra that's that's always been important for all your child be a long time ago apart or thirty years war you know. Helping people can do and how much it means a certain people I would watch electorate we studio before morning AB or down stream. Would cease some guys there and then. You know he could go and help this personality and he just noted. You seem to have a look at the people I really need help and and that. What it means for them and it was all were able to help someone that that's what's really. Good chilling answer could really trust to give back because you know it's like people think about so much yeah that's 4040 years of this and then the wouldn't be here two meters and it wasn't so the other hand such a little back and then the community is a little bit. The traditional for the show people extinction is nowhere near in proportion to what most are stroller so I mean most keep more chores that ultimate power. Hours for tickets right. Knowing the production was just think that that's not what this little out of being able to make people get that kind of spectacle before or four strikeouts personal site shopping we ought to. No we don't wanna. Or Erin and people like you wanna make an epic. On the cool thing is to even emerge in the merchandise that the trans severe nor'easter merchandise is also reasonable as well you go to some of its 8090 a hundred dollars a year plus can your merchandise is half the price if not more. Exactly I mean that's like that's about the idea on the arc. Our most expensive. Or cheaper than most people slows we seek no match and that. Getting a large shot you can possibly hearing I mean there's some bad. Charged to our our first show at the top near Reno travel with Freeport trucks you know unless they're. And that's what they do put you know we. We give people look at all sometimes when he fired real forty dollar did they get those seem to be in nineteen. It struck at Villanova these street we're getting a month or. You'll you'll get your money's worth trance Iberian archer would Hallmark Channel on board once against the ghost of Christmas Eve Friday to show us. And of course will be there and you guys always donate a sweet Jack to Larry cherries and we appreciate that but there's one thing that you also do when you're not with the trans Siberian orchestra. You do a lot of work we yourself not only wins does some hot sausage are quite the shaft but. Also tell us and. Wilbur a little bit and why haven't gotten the Obama. Well based cell culture and I are taking pictures along for a look at ourself like the BMI don't vote so I was taking total is welcome and it was getting more likely than fiction so I have my sock punch each tribe just can't put the name calling and metal and and I saw how. This little guy indeed people saw right. Just started thinking let's talk what can they do and start making jewelry and clothing in the whole level accompanying Latvia's. So would actually be able to say it's. We're below that level that is the polo ponies and I have a Kid Rock girl clothing line and and it's just think like big money to reopen sanctuary up all the so that. You know that an elephant Serb there really special animal that they don't. Everybody has a soft spot form. Yeah and then the cool thing is you can get all lists are lists information about Wilbur and the new T shirts that are in about a life. And Chris Caffrey dot com and also you can get it through your FaceBook page as well and that's cool thing about your FaceBook pages you've basically chronicle wizard Wilbert. Everywhere. You guys go. Now it's gone and that's you know I think around in. And I'm a program to shouldn't people canceling my little thing it's it's kind of forget it makes it more actually mixed places that bimbo or. More interest that long wait is correct. Photos. Oh that it should abandon them on the books and that's trying to animate them that just took things can happen without naming all that that. Wait for me to like use my energy part of it but it's like all right you all they all. Well rounded and and she thinks so and this mix. More fighting career. Well as one of the cool things to a social media day in the last on the input that was really cool and you kind of chronicle the making of that album. Through. FaceBook which I thought was pretty cool and good way to get in touch and your fans. I know that it's it's a different industry now you know so people are really buying the same amount albums I elect to include people in slide. What we're doing and an actual Rick so I really appreciate the music to get in and what I saw Eric like course like Simon. And implement also people person and they actually have been held at all hold the record in their enemy. I know that that was it was a big thing for me alive but the intricate and I've probably got it reaped let's look at the pictures and Mike and not just. Just downloaded wouldn't you know it sort. Of the globe well. Do you think that's changed a music or noise do you think it's helped and hurt. Crazy because I think it. It helps promote our big step blame properties obviously at the sale in the according to ensure no wonder what you are so go right. Guess after rom. After dark it's a different world and in the main later. And make money independents by tribal and soaring and it's great that there's that emphasis back on live music. I think that that's really special so I mean it week as musician dark so what will go find a way to do we do it would survive. Yeah. The other kind of cool thing is when you get together we you know you talk about it touring and everything like we're getting back together with trans Siberian orchestra family again we all gather in Almonte to do how many weeks do you do you rehearse before you on the road. Two weeks to say. And new records little old tired news show we might. Followed an extra week musical preparation. Or that but it's usually true that we spend two solid weeks. And when you get all that together one starts Jonas you guys are like Sammy pleasure gouge old back on tour witty and got everybody else still waiting to. Georgia and everybody like that when you guys get together is when do you guys. Keep in touch when. The road to. I was still mean an image it's kind of hard because they're because their separate ways. You know you know you would close the people I'll post that elsewhere you know much like Joseph Torre had run and they can more or less salt being on the road that brought it to people could actually put. Now been reduced to credit card bearing go to our family and Roderick almost all these people like. Like dumb and I spent more quality is what am I have my own family watched on here so that they're very good numbers specialty. Well looking forward to senior partner in crime mud too gentle leanings enabling you wouldn't have been there since the beginning right. Up there. And trendsetter in our district coming up again this Friday two shows if you never abandon you gotta go man because if you wanna see crap blowing up and also the best rock and roll show ever this is in there and. We have to go now because we've we actually did George questioned so slick or or a whole new level. I saw that law was quite pleased about it it was just about what will pick it up or. Put it in quotes at the Buick at a bubble waiting to Russia or struck. That was created by Paul O'Neill. Director at the vegetable first few personal thing in the air for each other. So yeah you late. This sort of thing that's so real sometimes and Tom I know. Backed by a single global shown and I try to sort Clinton. And the management like that there's not even any tickets did you warrior when you know I was a kid you saw it go concert and more play in the and then who's completely sold out a lot of children depend that oil restoring. And we'll let you walk around and security news in the mall or a restaurant and it should. It's amazing what were very lucky you were fortunate to you look at it it's a the thought some thoughts and ensure that the pulse on assault and moral or stone. We're very happy until you see we didn't specs so much they mean we pick that energy I think what now that we premier starting because of it. We realize how you know much means the people love that we won't charging them Berkeley how we. Focused more on these children one being healthy and more putting everything we have on that stage shortly every night. I'd say it's it's it's an upstate tradition that has been for years and we appreciate you guys coming back every single year and making people smile and that's what the cool thing is. You do make people smile with a word do you do not only do you do the Christmas show the people have to stare on for the second half of the show. And there is second half and it's show is probably the biggest bang for your bunk his show last probably it seems like fifteen hours sometimes because there's there's so much stuff to do. Yeah no it's definitely up. Well it could. Like commercial flight because like Agassi concert sponsored panel play like. Seventy minutes or 75 minutes and they're doing one show what they like by Saturday they were gonna have true like two hours forty minutes of Congo have to be so lucky to play that shorten it. Sure oh yeah yeah. And when you guys have the best crew in the industry as well you know blood Tarrant down and and put back together in in a moment's notice sometimes. Absolutely this so like Iraq's Arnold. His serve that salute that's been everything they do and they knew they were Portland store because it's a challenge or. Chris Caffrey the host of trans Siberian orchestra and also one elderly guitar player too he does that let's start time as well. Look at Ford avenue guys here Friday and given Allen Virginia tonight and look imported C and Wilbur is well. They're below our vote or didn't talk to revoke probably out there. I don't frank his risk every odd trans Siberian orchestra sabotage an all lot Morales who he's got so he's got hot sauce. He's got jewelry he's got a clothing he does it all with a 200 in our boosters well Chris we appreciate your time will be champ will be Friday. Absolutely event.