Ricky Stenhouse Jr #17.mp3

Tuesday, May 9th

-Driver No. 17 Fastenal Ford for Roush-Fenway Racing

 -Just won his first career Cup race Sunday at Talladega (Roush-Fenway Racing’s first Cup Series win since 2014)

 -Win earns him a spot in the Monster Energy All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway

 -2013 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series rookie of the year

 -Still looking for first win at Charlotte Motor Speedway; won the pole for the XFINITY Series’ Hisense 4K TV 300 in 2011

 About the Monster Energy All-Star Race

-May 20 race features four segments (20 laps/20 laps/20 laps/10 laps)

 -Also includes MMA fights, Cars 3 display, Justin Moore concert and more, all before the green flag drops on the biggest all-star event in sports

 -Tickets start at $39 for adults while kids 13 and under get in for $10

 -For tickets, call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit www.charlottemotorspeedway.com/tickets


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Classic drop one Ole boy wants done and really your chance to wait until yesterday Charlotte motor speedway and of course the all star race coming up I got a guy and the phone. This guide eight wins in the X miniseries also what ten top five wins or top five places in the monster energy and Nell a win. The driver of the number seventeen Fastenal Ford for Roush Fenway racing Ricky stimulus Jr. ally iriki. It's been a fabulous. Couple days and. Like you're talking to me earlier the sun's out and Newark we're talking about. Celebrating and you can get the first win in the AM on changing NASCAR cup series so it's it's good it's great. A style like you have won before menu Donna will a car you got eight wins in the vicinity series in. And you've got deal well hello your top tens in your top fives and and monster energy but. Get knocked the front especially at Talladega man need just to you had to be stoked on now want. We we were excited you know an interstate did. Right next to my home stating. So there's a lot stands at two it came on over from Mississippi and reality insurance force her to school. I have my dad there and mom and sister were there on Saturday and they couldn't stay for Sunday so bummed about that. But you had to get the first live at Talladega. But I think close to my home state. Hometown don't have what on the stand there is. Tact and everywhere and and got our first pole of the year out of the way and as yes still. Everything came together this weekend. Talking to a number seventeen. The F Fastenal Ford from red rash and we Ricky stent has junior tell us the story about your dad man I read I talked about this on the air the other day. Always laughing my ass off and I don't think there was laughing too much. Guy like the last my dad was I think can simply emotion god told him in his old age and he's. Hey if you were emotional lift. You know our win in Nam. You know he's got a lot of hard work guy Indus just. Have tallied a more than I have so. His order to see him finally get to lane after. Make a couple little deed doers along the laying. Trying to climb and sand. We take in Iraq and at least golf cards. They've played they eventually escorted in Q two Victory Lane so. And in something was wrong when he wasn't there right off the bat so what they had communicable re interviews that turned around and ask somebody says hey. You better find that I don't know where he has. Yeah I stayed the course the headline was hot father gets detained on the latest victory a Victory Lane and I always die when I was three in this thing and as again like I had a lot of fun you can't help but laugh your ass off on the idea. Plus there LL. A lot of fun gonna laugh and you know and I know you're you're competitive and I know your girlfriends competitive was there eight. Was there a standing thing and a house. Who was there a bet on who is gonna get the first win. And which she testy you got. Now it now. Now as fairly who yet we don't talk much shop house as far as that goes. We have we just like carrier do well. It's nice Limbaugh Bill Mercer and well in the same way. That's. Now always nice shared Kabila enjoyed a weekend home and go to return well but. This week eight you know I think she is super prom then turn that I gamble commercial and then. You know I can I concede that from her which is is really awesome. Can't let it. Compete here we can we gala give that guy is so super happy for from regular first went well. Did you describe that last lap man because you and Kyle going back and forth and its first Jimmie Johnson pushing any knee and then you get to the number one behind you pushing it. And Elson and you're out by yourself do you want to help us go through your head. Don't screw this. On my and yeah has leg and we got the lead. Make sure that pull in front of the right people at the right Townsend and spotter help the reality that he is let me know which ones are commenting. Which ones were super important to block and. And you know the game remained very coming up return to shut the middle. I really helped me out to this load all of them down a bit at that point elect him Ramirez out thought that mania had gotten too far out front. Look at some doesn't get these cars. Too far out front. The other. Cars in the tactic they can get close up here and yes slowly up almost fell. Luckily we were at a really fast this surge toward banks have come my thing and actually were not unless single infusion. Sell all of. Like some a little mustard timeout letting there and less during the knicks city series like down. Now our Ford Fusion was really fast so we get and so you know we we were able to hang on kittens so I think they'll screw this up Lazarus think. I'll tell you than it was an exciting thing delighted just do you just gone back and forth and a site you block him with Kyle and in your spotter was way is up on point man and and not only got to be excited about that but now you my friend are in the all star race. The mustard yellow Cyrus that's. That's pretty exciting they let me know then now. And the media center that we had. They're the problem mingling. And it checked off far religiously. We want the poll this weekend so. Were in the clash at the beginning of next year which is really cool that NATO about the we got the playoffs. And then the last thing that says yeah how about real federation and that's. They had forgotten now. I'm really looking for the few extra guy near Charlotte. Coming up after candor this weekend it's going to be a fun couple weeks here. I tell I had an ad they had the pleasure do I do the NASCAR experience around the Charlotte motor speedway last week and I only got to do anything what are our eyes again. He got to point or are well that's what can I ask you always you've got people I certainly I had a 145. And I got slowed my car and I was having a ball and I was really surprised on how well it's done good. You know it doesn't even come close to displease you guys are hidden especially with the all star race where you know the word is checkers or Rackers. And edited at the all star race. Yeah either you know bring your helmet backer bring you check back out yeah hopefully we bring to check back. Getting your doctor Romero and forty love and our I think. Qualifying at the all star race. I haven't ever done match but they come down here wrote like. 150 mile an hour no terror. Really cold so. I think that's still planned from the qualifying format. But I have never been apart as sudden there's a lot of cool things that we're idiots take part of that middle part of yet. Well it is a lot of things that there are new workers or course markets in and everybody at the Charlotte motor speedway always come up with some new and some has never been done there is MMA fights. Before the race in the infield and this is not fans this is a sanctioned fight. I know that's Craig is not stand here and wait on them to just leave that up. You know. After the all star rated as good as any issues with. Go take care at a marine. That's actually a pretty damn good idea that's not a tad well you know Harvick he's a he's a big fan of the MMA and of course he does a lot of work with a MMA RU window that you watch you watch that. We did get GSE sites and you know Kevin. You know men and you know if you did they ask fighters. You know last gets together every now and then now look at so. They ended it's intense. I think an insecure priest so far from. We did some Ty Dillon and I did some ESC training now Las Vegas earlier in the year and I don't know how those guys do that like. I was so focused on pledging that. If he's got to realize that as some play better watch your own face. I don't know how does does your thinking like. I am and it didn't get shut off sense that oh wait a minute what he does that's. It's had a vehicle event can have a pulse third. It's gonna be chemical and also they get a car street in which is a new movie the new cars movie the Pixar movie that's coming out again to display there. Justin Moore appeared in the country music mag got that going for it. It's gonna be a great time tick you start as the lowest 39 bucks for adults kids thirteen and under get in for ten months. You can find out more hit a 18180455. Fans. And hit up Charlotte motor speedway dot com and I today then you've got the Coca-Cola 600 coming out ways bait is just an endurance race. But you're so stowed Judy Eden you don't care about that right now all you care about is he also our race. Well I got to worry about Candace first that Henry had that. Go bowling for undertaking amnesty they end. Go bowling in response serve our number seventeen Ford for this weekend so a lot of pressure to go out how to read well from them. Be in the title sponsor of the race as well but. The all star race. The Coca-Cola 600. A lot of good things happen in this week Q Mir next couple weeks. Elliott he has NASCAR is silver bullet bashed. There were going to be hanging out at rambling in less sulfur postings that. So there's there's a lot of good things in Charlotte covenant sin. There is man is said Taylor's ten days Zuma of thunder and it's going to be a great time ray gets daylight it's been a blast Todd and TA and I'm always been pushing for a KGB always looked like you just haven't held a good time. And I'm not sure if your bank in and out for Roush Fenway and emigre away yeah what what what it does what it dyed jet crash say he had do you you cross the finish line. I didn't see him until I get to Victory Lane normally sometimes took over the radio and face some of them that. I don't think he's sending a singer Lisa made that decision here I'm. Out as loud a yell and scream myself so. Yeah I leaned in the window and there's. I guess this can be the first of many you know we just got to keep working in the end. Believing in each other and believe it tends everybody that we have around the federation then the race teams so we just. And keep keep blood do in this. I saved you get momentum this is the time again and especially now you into the playoffs it's it's just so cool Foye and and just to see at a good time in the united baby Ambien actually be able to get into the car I can see why you guys and gals love it's a damn much and and I always thought that I had the best job on the radio but you guys. And gals have the best job just just getting on the cards as we run around the track every week. It's a blast there voter base for a little that's for sure. Number seventy fast enough for Roush went Fenway racing kick some ass in Kansas this weekend look for to see in Charlotte motor speedway for the all star race. Well there.