Panther / Chiefs Game - Panthers Talk for Nov 14 2016.

Tuesday, November 15th

The Panthers broadcast team reviews the K.C. / Carolina game from this past Sunday.


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Exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. There's a great deal. And I don't think we got a couple. A key losses from from some see it so. You know that's our optimism when you look at it whatever our record is this this is not good. Look guys we'll fight deal. And no Linda go to battle. Now along with the humans O'Keefe and Eugene Robinson. Here's Rick Nixon we've Pam there's talk live from the red zone and Bank of America Stadium. From here in the red zone we can look out into the bowl and see that all the lights are on in the stadium is terrific game was still going on. The stadium clean crew is busy in the upper deck in the lower bowl trying to get the mess cleaned up from last night. And yesterday afternoon similarly the Carolina fans are coaching staff is hard at work. Also trying to clean up the mess from a football game the Panthers won in every area except the one they pay off and that is on the scoreboard. Welcome to panther talk make makes a Eugene Robinson James O'Keefe will have carriage via tape and a special. Alumni appreciation. Edition of Fenton and then I think that kind of lose you he came close to your long homer club that is up for yourself got to get on a host your guests tonight how can they go. Guest list tonight includes the shy and retiring Kevin Donnelly no doubt. Seth outside. I had heavy metal daisy chain saw Lewis and these two us threatened to terrorize kids it his neighborhood Halloween I'll be taken the blade. The chain off his chain saw one accused ringing the doorbell he was going to turn out yeah how many kids still have night and about look at possibly gone that I found. Well let's talk about the solo game what what does a team do you Jeanne when it's got a bunch of good football players are a bunch of good coaches a history of winning. Yet things aren't going the right way. Why you gotta gotta respect and remember that you you do things well when you've when you diagnosis game you've worked it out. You mentioned already they want a lot of categories if you got blown out that's a different story if somebody just beat the crap out of you that's a different story. But when you beat yourself all the guy makes another play. You can go right ahead and get it had a little bit center hey we were playing extremely well we didn't finish. Well we didn't make the play that we can make but it. It does not diminish how well you played them at this let me just a cave before was second. Kelvin Benjamin in my opinion played it in a credible game. Don't please don't cover remember is that Peters to the ball from. But that does not diminish all the catch is that we saw it doesn't diminish how are you stressed out how he's reached for the ball high you've been the guy on his back so. What you do is you go back to what you noticed you've done already and that these two directors you can always put up that you do Rome. I want to point you to something that you've done right and I want to duplicate that and I want to feel good luck to support that as you move forward because if you dwell on the wrong. Then it becomes wrong all over again and you look for the human drama six. You would think if you defense gave up no touchdowns are probably gonna win the game that's a that's unbelievable winning performance impact the final deal will obviously set up by the play you're talking about. So even bat fourth field goals not on the defense they were still roaring into the ball is taken away. So defensively look what they did you surround the week before what they've done here against Arizona I mean they're playing and in many ways really good you can't divided up the dissection residents say you know this is working and that's not their days in office carries it to but because what you're saying it's time them in Canada piggybacking on that is that. They are right there they. They were the better team. And they were the victims of two horrific turn overs and guess that's that's what else thought and that's actually Kansas City for applause how they would a lot of their football game. That's exactly how Kansas City once over a century ago. What does Kansas City do well what their deepest sleep then but they don't break and they come out what it timely turnover that changes the story. And the opposite office's legal position when they keep the score points being of the appeal quote or put it puts us on the board that's what they've done the entire year. It does not diminish what we've done. That defense is becoming around I mean we were important for his people to look like this and now it passed and now an office that's going to catch up and do you clean with the ball or office because if you don't turn the ball on offense he got a good defense. Typically you win the game right for most of became yesterday wasn't this the Cam Newton that we all. Come to watch test everyone wants to see running the ball with authority. Passing the ball upper half of his body lower half of his body in total synchronicity. Eight and do even the dad was brought back but. Then like in any game EG New York talk about how a football not a game of the perfection. Vince Lombardi said if you chase perfection you might catch excellence when all teams aspire to. But there are those couple of throws. That and knew it was doing a good job of getting the ball when nothing was there live to play another down but then there are a couple of those throws the interception of course being one that he. Love to have off his back foot he's been under duress he sees Olson whose independent guys other smaller defensive backs behind. Our own opponent all behind his back you just get the ball well the problem with that throw was the ball was don't grossly inside about 56 charts shown. Also wasn't going to be to play the only person to make a potable. It's a free safety barrier dirty got a couple one he's that he's a single high safety. He sees Cam Newton and distressed and I can go to a candidate just like him who's going to if Cam Newton gets that ball on the side of also. Now you look at that may be very first of all up or as a jump ball does not interception. The fact the ball was inside five yards made all the difference in the world an image that is about Cam Newton if you noticed Ken Newell was on the left inside the football coach trying to stuff the run. The ball would always another side by buried. The last person to hit him with Cam Newton that means he had to run 53 yards for once article bought it outside of football Phil. To prevent it yourself and try to do that pushed him out of bounds. I thought when I saw that I'm like okay young man. This game means something you an innocent and two through and missiles than yours and so the play. Hard to play a perfect game as he says you missed him so it that the united fortunately it wasn't just an interception was a great play by Barry to make that a lot of the stuff you got to give him credit for that. At probably be the better play by Marcus Peters stripping of a lot of Kelvin Benjamin because that's. Difficult to do it gets a six foot five receiver strong as he is but those are the kind of plays there the difference between winning and losing close games so I hate to say. Credit Kansas City but for those two plays a mean they heard what they got out of those plays. So with. Feel like the Panthers were ahead on points as far as like a boxing match kind of thing but they land that kind of tense around a knockout value there and I don't walk away with a win. It has to be a once in every. Couple of decades occurrence. If it has indeed it ever happen. In pro football that a team goes on 820 play drive yes and keeps the ball for over ten minutes. And gets into the red zone throwing out and has to punt. Just. Teams have run our our broadcast crew. David blank did his crew yesterday during the game unearthed the staff that the saints had gone 124 play drive against the Panthers in 06 or seven I think so. And missed a field goal but to have to punt at the end of a twenty play drive that's incredible and it's true. The reason that happened is not camp throwing the ball up for grabs but eating the ball taking two straight sacks was or any thing as you. Look back at those Eugene is or any metric there where he can throw the ball it does get out of bounds or do something. The first sector he took there was minus seven yards all right it was minus seven yards and at 121 yard line. So I got the Tony I thought he could get rid of the ball the second one that was minus twelve yards with a push them back now on the 2838. Yard or thirty yard line. That one right there that was a killer and he was upset with the office alive because very turner who is uncharacteristically. That was. I never see a lot of guys slide inside of like that. He can support camps so quickly that can't have that he does have a chance to get rid of the ball. PSE and take the sat and vastly disappointed because he knew taken asset we'll put a lot of dual role ranked. And that's what happened on a plane got onto fast and that's why he was a civil jump in July Kamal you gotta be had to get it and get template. He never had a chance to really cock no football images if you look I was left and he looked back. To to offer such a re not disagree almost the first half read it was guidance thanks in Ellis twelve yards back. This is our broadcast roundtable brought to by Geico the real value in car insurance is not necessarily what kind of payment you have to make because as we although many times you get what you pay for Geico can give me the lower payment and deeper premiums. Bigger policies better coverage lower deductibles. All good stuff. Heather footballs also brought you by the NFL's take of the exchange the only official ticket exchange in the league. So don't settle for anything less than Ticketmaster verified tickets on the NFL's ticket exchange. We'll have more of the guys appear in the F. The stage and also Damien Lewis and Kevin Dolly when we continuing and no talk on the Carolina Panthers can you know. Rob won a one point one. News and there's talk brought to fly Miller Lite their belongings you are you US military base about. Apple usually think of a and go before yard line. We played three great quarters of football or really one great half before ball we just have to. Any and every way to keep that aggression. We'll look forward to play. Full quarters of a barrel of careful. These these characters talk recently Fineman Thomas Coleman Caroline. News radio network. Our own version of us salute to service alumni appreciation night continues title Heather talk made makes a with a head coach of the Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera. But yet a fairly short meeting with the press corps earlier today what was your message to other men and women who cover your club both through the management is. You know as I said I said last night in our backs are Prius a wall and we have an opportunity to. You don't see what happens we'll take them one at a time more and you won a divisional game coming up against the saints and here we missed some opportunities yesterday and us through some matters and we've got to be able take advantage. A lot of people have said that one of the good things about yesterday is that tell you don't have much time to us to think about that game and you've got to get ready for the saints right away on short rest you feel somewhat. Almost certainly Mecca and there's some there's nothing you can do about it. You don't go look at it quickly move on and Nestle we've done this and you know we've moved on murder we're getting ready for Norman's. They're a long time I'm sure since she had a to put a kicker in his upon her in a game has that had too much you're coaching her playing career thus the first time and I tell you what Doug Graham did a nice job you know. This issue because only I remember working Graham out a couple of years back and and want things that he did do for us after he kicked. So field goals and kicked off was he putted and he shows he's got that kind of legs so. It was good to have a guy that has the ability do that if he until pinch the becomes the holder in that situation. Well Andy was still able to hold the which was good but if we ever in the situation orient them holder. We know DA can do it you know Derek Anderson just that kind of touch in terms of catching the ball put it down. Injury updates are brought you by our friends at ortho Carolina what time is of the essence don't mess around just call the same people week caller on Bank of America's stated you get the exact same care for you and every member of your family. But the panther players coaches and their families get ortho Carolina dot com has the healthier club coach. Well it could be better you know we come from my understanding is AJ Klein had a concussion he's in the protocol. We'll see how we is coming tomorrow. And and really obviously pulled hamstring we'll see how he is. And then we'll see the other guys guys that were injured last week we'll see where they are too early to tell whether some of the guys that have been in protocols and been getting treatment might be back for Thursday night. Tom yes but I do know this Colin Jones been cleared to to practice and we'll see how he does and I will go from there with them. What some about the saints coach would be much preparation carry over from the last time that you play New Orleans till Thursday night I think there will be a mean that the nice thing is were relatively more healthier this week then number for the first time we faced them. I think our our our secondary is a bit more settled so we filled with more comfortable with us. Food they look to be under your skin and your preparations for guerrillas that they shrug off for years seek to complement their great offense with a good defense are they making strides there. I think they are I mean you know that they had a tough battle the other night with with it would Denver came on the short end but. Again they they play hard and and that's one thing as you go compliment them on this is how hard they play. So football aside for just a second we we care about you we respect you so forgive the general nature of this question but how you hold up a moment does that mean that you do matters make us. They were control we can't. Really we've come to work we work hard we do things Bess was best what eventually no possible. We'll see what happens I mean appreciate. You know concern and everything from from a lot of fans that. Feel it is this it is tough and then it is hard but the same time I know who we can be. So we've just got to continue to work hard and and that's all you can ask for tennis not override I mean there's still a still long way to go most certainly unit and I and I do believe that you know. That there's an opportunity but as I said the press conference today they will be careful list. So all the excuses but there'll be a lot of opportunities. And outlets you go after this last question coshow football. Because his intuitively know that is not a game of perfection. I did it look to you go through especially through three quarters that they Cam Newton what was was showing some of the the reasons a he's such a special guy and a football player. Both very much so make a mean everything from the first time here in the make a bootleg for about twenty yards and to some of the throws he made them they're just tremendous unfortunately. Yeah he made him he made about decision someone play and he knows. And that's the hard part he's got that kind of ability to make plays and he was trusting himself trying to make fun. The head coach of the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera this is made makes and thanks for listening to do our show and coach thanks for your time. Good luck in your preparation just what I appreciated. Coach Ron Rivera saints coming in on short rest is that the best possible. Fame in otherwise. Kind of gloomy end of the day yesterday. Yeah and I tell you why you're absolutely right is that it doesn't like you have to think about the game you got to move on to the next game. The 24 are ruled as well today eight hour rule you gotta go ahead and get rid of this game and move on to the next one and that's. Pedestal therapeutic. Nestled cathartic it's a lot you can go ahead and no there's another sub Nelson look forward to so. I want the fact that coach is kind of like turn the page he had to turn the page and not dwell on this. That's when that was your that. The saints will see our disappointment and raise us to. As they have a extra point blocked they score a touchdown first time it seems ever essentially lost a game like that follows a minute have left. Blocked the other way two point six and they can get the onside kick after that's a bit travel Wednesday obviously Attica play here on Thursday but it sure Sean Payton and the saints. Equally if not more so early in the Panthers are this weeks is beat. Is it too bitter teams that you can think for his game of both really want to get a win in this game we always do but than does the circumstances of the both coming off similar disappointment will be interest to. And I like our defense is better than what it was when he first faced them. When we first face to forget that put forty won't poisonous. Drew Brees was a piece we had guys out of position double moves galore. I mean 87 yard clean out the 57 a 57 yard I'll pass I mean guys and just getting open. Well I don't see that being the the case as we move forward to Thursday ID this is so much better because of the pressure. Put about a foot four and up front seven. If we have to get that type of pressure which we have been able to get. I I see Drew Brees get moved off the spot and I have in the ability to throw the ball. As soon as you wanna throw and maybe those minnesotans like if you want to Teddy Williams when he got move up the spot in the first game. Where's the secondary right now. I think the secondary is improved. I think Burley has put some more to go I think we see a better trade Paulson. Us they portray Paulson. Arrange your tree Paulson a smarter three Paulson. I think we see as we've seen dog Kurt Coleman dropping down to put this proposition will that become a more strong safety type. Brett Barry is one of my favorites. Because he plays lol. Robert Maclean analytic Johnson I would hope that Barbara McLean gets more run at the right corner spot. I mean pummeled by a soul and I'm not a cult. But I like the way he plays he plays Vick and I think that you go Linda Johnson and could still bring Worley alone. And put put that crew the crew is gonna keep that they're gonna bring you something because. They. They just got it. They got this thing and and they play well together so I like what I think the secondary. In the backups and there. I think if I had to do something now which is may be part rob Maclean of the world right now. It's completely different than when we played the saints just a few weeks ago because if you remember you have Lou young who's assigned to the press doesn't want. Who let's try to play that week. I you had says Sanchez had a play that he has played that we can genuinely did not have a Leonard Johnson to that point yet Bradbury to that point so you do you know you're in terms of covering what a future hall of fame quarterback in Drew Brees. You were outmanned in terms of personnel now you've got does you said the kind of defense the secondary. That is able to. Handle them a little bit better than not always offensively as good on the road as they are in the superdome to listen to slow development to. And that's because of fraud has been a group of person we missed a moral as is they've. A starlet to allay tells Johnson when you get a lot of pressure all the outside. But with a partially outside quarterback does that bode did he has maybe one and a half looked to see what Apple's going at a bus come out quickly. That's what Drew Brees is gonna face with this thought that we have. And Luke he please plays an outstanding ball out of you recognize that young man was all over the football curiously he was asked Luke please. My favorite for. Clearly here that do the play an outstanding football. Sort of a basic rule that you learned in kindergarten is don't put your fingers in your mouth. But David like there are executive producer his mother's here. All the way from where. Kansas City. Right don't put your fingers in your mouth but Drew Brees. Can't keep his fingers out of his mouth he's got this this some people by their nails some people clicking since he licks his fingers all the time. Imagine how bolstered up his immune system has come apathetic I was just so many terms of so many pathogens from doing this to himself he probably never get sick there was one play her his running with scissors and is the Jewish jokes. I was on the hot pot that's right thank you in the upper left hand corner. Last name first or they when the Panthers win you win a day after repair their victory you get a dozen original glazed for just 499. Actress recurring Arnold talked to some of that is Siri got one of the big Nancy you are Bob May you Bob May affect how can I. How do you memorize we are right when you're the man that's a tough tough guy that's Kevin Donnelly added Arabian Mozilla's. That's right. Coming up next on the Carolina Panthers radio network rob won a one point one. Makes engines says Eugene Robinson says should we send the pastor talk limo. Alumni and legends joining us first Kevin Donnelly joining us here courtesy of I'm Pampers TV Chris Rock out of the field Jesse prior to the game UNC Charlotte for cultural 49ers football games as well death Kevin I guess as to begin with that as you watched a game over some of your takeaways. The game work it looked like the Panthers outplayed Kansas City by and large but they made the big plays to get the win. Yeah not you know it. Is just like you said they really had controlled the game for a long time and it was they are really felt like a sort of fall apart when that twenty. Play a ten minute drive. Kind of fizzled because it was about the way it fizzle with a couple sacks I think. You know that just gets in your head a little bit offensively maybe for him in camps had a little bit because some you know later on throws to pick and the other pressure right to space may be funding needed to make the play book. Give us a quick facets of the fine margin between winning and losing him to me that's when things come unraveled it was tough to seekers. That's Kansas city's formula and you knew what don't want him you know they play close to the vest very conservative at times trying to scrap out some points to get some turnovers and the Panthers have done a good job really protecting the football long dominant to turn over slate really cost them. I heard you say. Out here that. What are your keys to game is going to be turnovers why did you think that term that was going to be the biggest key to that game it in the B and that way I just. You know ought to look at the Kansas City how many games they won sixteen of eighteen going into a before that six and two on the season this year and their staffs were very pedestrian yes. Middle of the road. Fifteenth in this seventeenth of Matt twentieth in this. So nothing really stuck out like. They're just kidnapped the past you know get second guys are two different things but man the turnover margin I mean they're plus thirteen they've had twelve interceptions eight fumble recoveries. And so they just know how to take it away you you know you've been on defense disarmed some sometimes just your gear you know your figured out ways to get the ball loose and I just felt like Dell's going to be a big important thing and I completed passes and it's a squeeze out front that I know I had just hold on that thing to figure begun important not unfortunately gave a couple away. When you played Kevin Rose and suffered disappointing losses like that that you have we loyalty any kind of routine. To try to get home you were your family process. The emotions of a loss like that so you can get back to work. It's. You know I think it's in my opinion it's it's almost easier for players to deal with from the fans. Because I'm a fan right now and I'm still angry about yesterday you know but the guys. We've got look at the Aggies yeah. Put the post always coming up players already turned the page this morning or whenever they came in today to start talking about the saints and so it's still there still stings with those hurt. And you know you're tired or exhausted he wanted to get that when they gave their best effort don't want it took to fail or do a bad job and I'm so those hurt for a little while but you know today I still think back on an art turner radio on listen you guys like god. Now we should have that game but the focus on the saints and how they can come back Thursday to get a win. Hopefully they get that done. Because of what we are chatting yesterday ask you about you recovery time and there is it any this week because you play at a time of the week where your body's probably still healing up and it was a close game obviously could Tennessee could rest anybody. In that game but the good news is both teams are equal intervals that playing field that a deal with a as we and you don't equal a lot of different ways because they have the same amount arrest. They had a crushing defeat I thought ours was bad but they're watching that game and what may have happened to them on to snatched you know they really have to. The game one and then just take it away in an instant but. They're gonna have to travel appearance. Equal rest for both teams I think that makes a fair like the advantage of name you know we're home and they got to come here and I think everyone agreement is something about get the saints out there don't they just different team. Yes there are. We got take a break we'll come out with more of Kevin dollar there's a certain codes that guys like me live by and it goes something like this if you can't beat good looking. Because smelling stuff. The red yes but I don't. What I've read he's good as Red Sox are that was agreement he was he was uncle's letter was read was I think because I want to deal he was shot yet they use Belgian but at all right now appreciate doesn't even go to Jack Black won't let you down. Jack Black man's skin care if the locker room favorite of your Carolina Panthers and you're Carolina panther broadcast through your find did it get Jack Black dot com Nordstrom. And also this is rather talk live. From Bank of America state. Rob won a one point one. Brought to apply for it to find a great deal on your perfect Ford Lincoln connection today and your. Carolina before dealer ABC and C mobilizing your. All for. Are you ready to go we've got to. I don't always tell. And how this how this game works and I remain focused on May. Steadfastly working hard trying to run game. You know sometimes stuff doesn't go your way but tell you how you responders so your recommend a Marjorie go special week. So reveal. On deck Damien chain saw Lewis myself. The top plate currently Kevin Donnelly and we spun the big question we'll again during the break and it landed on cheer off. You know so we were cut is talking. On that fact that happen with Kim who know when I got him twelve yards back just a motto out of the race. It was cool only office alive maybe it was because it causes a guy who just he's another guy for your perspective what do you see. Well I you know they were. There's a couple of sacks and I'm not sure was a first for the second one because. The first one you know brought a couple of blisters to one gap. And you know the line was sliding the other way are really assaulted he was collegial in their discusses experience you know could have been called a certain way the protection work each side that they go. And he's sometimes can make wrong calls right because of the experience he has just you're just picking someone up consortium Gradkowski is kind of you know they -- because of but quite knows and the blade he looks back and arms that was just tough situation although one and then. You know just a rare miss by our all pro trade term on the other side com. You never see him get beat I mean you take for granted almost a good job because player to play out. It's just happens everybody you know you go deeper political. Sounds like got 3% it is uncertain Amy got blocked out several times in his career going from an offensive lineman but. You don't just happen to him out to be a bad play bad timing and you know just have to win a row it was. It was crushing. An entity quickly we talk about turnovers but turnovers. Has not help only the other market we look at sacks is the big component too because they're almost like a turnover. You know and it spit because of that crosses the drive you know penalties and sacks can instantly. Crush a drive for an offense because it's hard to get ten yards in the NFL. And you get a sack specially either come and when you're thrown the ball might have been a second and long third and long. This is really hard to recover from that and you know that's that's when you can get that ball back it's just as good as turn over you might get. Different feel position because upon after it but pump that's why those guys brave woman that's why the NFL pays some of the best money to guys who can get after quarterbacks are best off all senses. The whole way that pro football is covered now is different. We have. Our television chart Time Warner Cable TV shows sometimes is played in bowl prior to the game so worked on TV show we table Friday talking about players. That are. Warming up on the field currently looking up at the screen as were talking about them it's a little awkward at times. Giving you do a great job on the field with my craft getting the crowd and up and yet once people it's doing PA like compared to radio and TV for you. As solemn as hard. It to be and in the bowl and end. Seen yourself on the screen and here and it it's like slightly delayed you know it's it's just not instantaneous feedback like you think you should give him. Puzzle to me it sounds like and I swear I don't I don't drink at all put fellows I hear a in my microphones don't sound like guys it's also a lack of Utah. Stuff happens like this little slower who have put their they surely everything's cool over the time it happens all the good. Learn your idea anyway that if you look at it. But that's I don't talk and okay but that's what appeared in my head so it's it's kind of weird to get used to it though and you just need this like anything in life you need some reps in which you get more experience and you're like. Okay this that this is dual bush is okay. To karaoke machine you don't sound better singing don't drop since and no way around. This felt that you're that this team the Panthers as the ultimate team in terms that they pick each other up there's a finger pointing you never a story about that would deceive if you've been on teams before work. As an example the panthers' defense is played lights out the last couple weeks off and started a lot of points if you've been on teams wrestled a divided. As opposed to what we have here with the Panthers. UPS certainly. I was so give us a little talk on radio today talking about all time. That's comebacks and I was actually on the team that go with the Houston Oilers have played well there build up. And the bills came back on a salute colonel believe that we have built up and feel that was a team that we had. Stars every position you know Warren Moon and William Fuller in America just name all the all the different positions there was guys there but. You know just to the way the team was built up. It was kind of fractured and when things start to do go right if you felt like. That was a big reason we fell apart there was there was not a sport collectively let's stop this thing in its tracks it just started going downhill fast and you know I experienced it here at the opposite of that 2003 we won a lot of ugly games some on the offense didn't bring it's about the defense didn't bring her we pick each other up and cannot think of when guys just humble themselves and say look on our Abbott today we need you and your Jake Jake DelHomme was one of the biggest guys it. You we come off the field he's like oh my gosh guys that should've been a turn over a pick six I don't know how the guy misstep but I yachts on mate and a I've never been around a quarterback who was. Also humble in that way that he would accept what he did wrong and as Lima were like cool it was I yelled at us to protect them longer do this many C owned. Knew he got matters to now you know and when we typical what we need to do but we listen mortal that when that happened this Roy can we must really suck it that this guy's yelling at us because you've only just do. His regular thing yes very words Kevin rubio to go public thank goodness all night supplemented these. What could ever have a Damian Lewis talked a little defensive football when we come back this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. One point lines. Continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Gang's all here makes this so Ginny your job and there's yes chainsaw Lewis. And boy that was a hacksaw Reynolds years ago. And then you saw anyways drilling is the former rather great Damien Lewis and we will hear today resolved to talk about it. Away hundreds now I'm sure if you don't we have nothing to say that it turns out it's not a good and it just didn't say don't. And then that's what we'll do if you do weight room I don't think OK I've let it affect your forgetting about you you're good can I go to isn't there. You don't. I never said your children to Damian. Suffocating zone being here and you know when the plumber really other big snicker though I. I still like that I got to you don't like there's a guard in front of you well you like just take a lot and all that that's it's that's that's after he makes him throw up that he used. Henry the fifth fourth and. Bloodied and I'll I thought it today that we are talking daily with DeVon right before I left about how well the defense has been playing music the rap game obviously prior to what happened yesterday another one where they. Showed up while they get the bay touchdowns against Kansas City so to kind of take that positive run within a little bit of this defense is really found a selfless couple we. Yes you have that it started off floor I think they were or they KK I mean Kim Orlando looks solid truly a player and outstanding than they want Alison come live. If you need to provide shall have Russell third dale I think that's kind of been the recipe because that helps Thomas. Then there's usually in it also helps that secondary because the ball has come out quicker. So you don't football's like proposal and it also wasn't the result for. To have everything else fall in place so that helped lives and this isn't a matter of the one on one match of today getting down there as opposed adoptees that they didn't out there what is the matter of this amount of being able to take advantage of warlords and the government could use one in free and you have to hold up if you give braille. If you have too much ground that you're sitting in the bet assuming level below a bag he's not able to come down yield implode to hold a make the play. They are or at least free you up why haven't got called off the double team. They gives you opportunity as a defense government to play sort all got to work can cancel these guys now are holding up sort of a check of the double team. And they also went and won one pass was just cause it's been a monster but the last few games and pass rusher right now he's sort of rock and -- want to let you gotta put somebody on. But now KK is shown off. And they are you have as a come up is Jesus absolute beast right now. He is one of the toughest Gaza blocking relief come up is Jesus killer he reveals. Real part when you play Jamie rear part of any losses like that with just feel like a punch in the stomach when you're on your way don't. Yes I have I mean I remember a plan in 2000 who we are trying to make a twelfth was very similar situation. Then what the parent losing and we just lost Super Bowl to the patriots we've gone we will always file store now we fault back Robyn filed. And then we switched quarterbacks a quicker quarterbacking here. And we're playing in Philly we have to win this game to keep the streak going. And we get there at the very end of the game. Kurt gives he would throws a pick six like six seconds left on the clock they want abolished Leon's only scored just there we never had a opportunity to get back home feel to get that appointment. And it's not only did it not not only do we lose again able to knock this out of playoff run as well he was devastated so yep been exactly in this situation but the difference this year. These guys still have an opportunity to fight come back and win out the rest of the season have just in the playoffs. In other words of Damien Lewis the voice of experience more with Damien coming up after a break. This is rather talk live from Bank of America safe. News moment now. And there's radio network. So there's a lot more than Damione Lewis Georgia. In just x.s and think it's still playbook plus you want she's choosing not to it's time and what he's got to advance his TV review and they have their their ambassador. Baby you're you're you're a partnership ownership whether local security company here so is that most chain saws are out of that. Work that I put no I don't involve chain saw this involves a couple of long. You know security codes and stuff like get is as simple so wise are killed a security group policy is you secure is what we don't disasters all it. And are we do both residential and commercial security systems and also do some more data drop since Abaxis control and stuff like that for our. Larger our commercial corporation and stuff like that so. It's been something has been former guards look back in January and just been having a blast door and it and we actually grow our company. In largest government like a grassroots deals for a small to build it right there locally installed it. And there were spread out around South Carolina magazine made over in Georgia the Atlanta area so we're really proud of what we dark dark hole unless you martyrs. And I'm just curious the fact that do you. Played professional football and just the man out being able to be under stress and performed quickly does that help viewing your business and as you would. Sarnoff this initiative yet the funny thing you know this comic turn off the football Sodom because football is you put to work in Indy results Scholl. Right away and you cover got to take PLC's an approach where you know you workaholic to lift in your run and keep doing everything he can't get ready for the season. But the season is always in when you're in business so you have to look at it more like America our. How Michael talked to a guy you know today. But we may not enough dog business until January 31 you just gotta be able to nurture their relationship and we would move forward and get ready and be prepared to go. When they give you go so this is totally different. As for the instant gratification. Where you know things you know come help him mature a little bit slow. Then what football is knows football Garrick arsenal Augusta we want it now we want to get it now get a goal and get it over with removal and actually. You kids are bright he got a daughter wants to go to Yale to how much there you like to me if I think this is. Yeah I seriously how much of their how much of there the credit for their innate intelligence. Rest with you know I. None over the limit. All demoralized. Doctor say you know when you look at too cute to see you traits similar. C you know you why straight to stuff like that is pretty cool what. My wife is an extremely brilliant woman in Shiraz those cues like appalling to make sure you sit there and they do their homework huh. Hardest he is diligent about it you know what I do I give up bothered you thought you can guess. You have you'd be dead on right here. I am right here at disbarred answer I guess you have four vehicle would you steer your kids go to the University of Miami where he played football absolutely out so well October Dora thank you go to you know is that you will crown when they are born we do something better. Like the uterus and my. The government talk about left new Wii Wii Wii Wii is Smart enough to know there but I think you're okay. Thank you ought to do they think of other little bugs plenty of sports when you are not who manned up played basketball Iran trek. That did it all know in really enjoy basketball's my first logo will small offers loans coming up. High school were nothing like football never got a New York tracks your best bowler to do football I was a double double guy you love 62. Sure you know averaged fifteen points where rebounds a game of the binder baby. I had to do. You know with the double bill we got to look at the peak glove isn't Venezuela and iPod and a few things we did that Don and I don't but I. It did it by Israel to show better together David Chase a loose Kevin Donnelly. I go to the fair is a figure out we call this a show this event passed off there on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Rob won a one point one.