Get In The Christmas Spirit with Gary Ho Ho Hoey and The Stoneman

Tuesday, December 6th

Stoneman talks with Gary Ho Ho Hoey and gets in the Christmas mood!  It's hard to believe it's been 21 years since released the first Ho Ho Hoey Christmas CD!  And once again, Gary will be giving away an autographed Fender guitar on Christmas Day.  Go to GARYHOEY.Com to register!  


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A lot of classic rock won a one point one that time of the year again it's the holiday season we talked to this guy few months ago when he put out one of the best albums I think he's ever put out called dust and bones. And of course 21 years since. Ho ho always come on mr. Gary knowing how are you count. I'm doing great good morning my pride in how we do I'll. Did I tell you why Dustin bunch still one of my favorites I can't get out of my CD player and of course everybody loves ho ho ho Lee did you think 21 years later would be talking about is still. No all I gotta be on the street map right every time I look at Nike 21 years I'm I'm kind of freaked out because. We did this sort fine you know we just I never thought I'd become your tradition but people always say and it's often. Get everybody so everybody can get no plans around your album. And you're concerts because you bring so much holiday cheer not only do you bring some kickass blues on your last album dust and bones but. This album which has been just been been basically a tradition for a lot of people now. Yeah I'd outmanned and we we played the other night we played if you show to pass we gathered Saturday night we played close to my house my fifteen year old son came up. And played with me now on stage and it's it's great that he'd like to generations of kids coming to the show to now much suns playing guitar. And it's so cool he jumped up once they could meet up go little. Noon and ten. It some thought he was collected. SEC is he really that good he can kick your ass. You know what dude he's heading to kick my ass he is fox fifteen MB keep in mind started putting aside he's from playing a long time are you from playing for ten years. He can play the blues do he can place Stevie ray bought he can play you should know boot gorillas gone by Bibi can't really. Love the blue and they now look a lot quite excited he's got great I think I could affect the timing is awful man he's become the quite a lead guitarist so. Yeah he's going to be amazing. Well sometimes you can't teach that. No you can't anybody here he's off to a great athlete to quarterback on the high school football team we just went high school. My daughter in college now and he he's playing football he's playing basketball he's coaching kids I mean he's. A total athlete but he has the gift of the music thing for me lower right got a funky got it. Even the proud father Larry well. So proud act. Because I. They've Eddie is you know having your son on stage when he's got to be a kid but get back out on the road again like Xavier over in California head to the midwest in Michigan and Illinois. And you know I see on the itinerary going to be in Reno Nevada and I'm flying out there on Saturday this Saturday and I should see if I can stay an extra day or two so I can come hang out with the and see your performance. All of that if you could stay an extra day in Texas show the guided Iraq are they do an amazing job just production cold shoulder to be great. But how do you dare try yell at night coming out and you'll have dinner together matter you can make an Al low ball paying enough I would love to see you which you can make. Beckham be hysterical man could be a good time is speaking at a good time your goal and on the high seas. Yeah great we're gonna go Bobby on the rock legends crude coming up in January. Is anyone out there at sit and think about to amuse recruited so far and we did it last year. Saw twentieth put. You know the backed into it and it's wanted to see in my life all the classic this year they got path and it's part I think we need god help our. You'll Marshall Tucker a lot of great bands on. The courts martial martial talkers from around here so. Great yet good blood good bad guys and then you get off that boat and need to go on another one in March. And what is it February yet to keep the blues alive tour. Yeah wouldn't keep blues alive without until about a mosque guys tend you know Joseph got his great crude every year now we eat. He brings on a lot of young musician in blue sky it comes up and it's great thanks so I won't even tell it like I'm going to be getting back to another ship. But I love Joseph he integrated heart commodity beyond crude. And did pretty good way to start the year. And then when bell at least in Tampa goes to coast in my we did the coast of my trip last year man that place that's a nice town that's nice. Just country. It is it's also my immediate difficulty about the music group says it's like to save the music that we stopped we have some fun on the album we get back on its two data music and back so what's great good it's a good but. And of course she do the day you you've done this quite a few times with a rock and roll fantasy camp avenue. Yeah I do in the camps a lot of over the last year and another one coming up in marches in the Deep Purple seemed. You camp which in case some Deep Purple and use. Steve Morse who's playing with them now guitar and anybody else in the configured to Little Rock camp like this in college years of pocket less experience you. You spent four days being mentored by all these rock hard and we we treat everybody with respect. And in fact the united we go to the whiskey a go go. You know and at what stage yeah I think there's been valued we player that would play at the contest at the whisky ago go. Anyone that it is like a band in high school they'll we just want to feel what it's like to be on stage going to be show. Can't do rock can't beat and we you'll begin Erica welcome you don't have to be making these he would have loved music. Ever see when you do those things do you ever see a virtuoso that comes out. And dissent can just go oh my god you could be your talent. Yes we have unbelievable I can't seniors here that I literally said man you go you need to go make an album I recorded with some people like that there. We we one got one guy there he was going to some Great Depression in his life. A look at what to do you are amazing it's partly to make an album he went made an album and saved his life is like said he never been happier. Now. CEO I think the power music can do hell hell a lot of different things man and and especially with your albums and and the songs he put out like your Christmas sub 221 years ago ho -- by the like talking to Gary only. It's it it bring it I think music is always still the best gift is for everybody. Ngo I think music brings people together it's kind of like and tricky thing like music good music can make you have a great time we can make you get through depression. I've had people email me and say you know you're so on be too hard time in my life I mean those kind of things mean a lot but it's just like. You know that is the power of music one of my pulpit plane and people would get excited which shows. With the quality score yet I feel like I'm doing not doing what I need to be doing. Well speaking of gifts C got another guess the eighth annual ho ho ho we Qatar give away your web site. Gary hoey dot com. Yeah how would you want our eighth annual Christmas Day people can win autograph fender guitar for media and where do we get to go to my website Kerry or dot com they can sign up to the newsletter or the US that'll that'll be injured right away. And they'll also get out copies of a song called box car blew up in new probable won't send about an empty street. I tell you amend the then the guy again if your if you had guitar fan you gotta get dust and bones in hell every other thing to Gary always ever put out. I look at how many you got out I I I just see almost half a page. I do all it you know what if what equipment stop telling us upside down I mean actually cap over twenty album. Which you know it and in politics at the top 21 years so I have over twenty albums. And just you don't just former top panel already writing in the new well or one another boot record that sheer. I'm looking forward to that America's the last one is still blows me away and just the the guy it's like we're just talking mad cow. Feeling gives you you know make you feel better and everything like that. But when you have your son playing in DC younger kids that are playing the blues do you sit down to how the hell he probably had the blues at that such an age. So true right you're like you you don't need but they see the baby get the blue man you know like if you go if you go to my FaceBook page Gary always get this whole deal FaceBook page you can quickly got my web site if you scroll down a little bit I dragged acute on stage the other night down in Rhode Island he's name was Nolan. I'd drag him up on stage he was I think sixteen your goal and he played with meet the video is on my FaceBook page took him play and yeah. Go check to get admitted it's like after supper like you ought to scrap a kick out of the audience obviously complicated Bluetooth me right now I can Siegel an ally they know they wanna you know. Yeah I didn't get did they get they you know they may commitment that facial look like they're just get into a now. All they do they have arms folded and got a guitar plays do we stand in the public all of our doesn't armpit and we kind of give you just look we look up and out and watching everything you're doing. And it's got a jet as caddie this kind of stalking you a little bit. Your check you know website like remember that when I get called you know. Well last out he had some talented people on there relook at that for the the new album EAB thought that far ahead are you just kind of feel and everything and now. Well beyond did you go up on the mosque accrued I would play and have a lot public media to grab jokes about singled to play and I do record right now you know and how much I want warning came to my new album I'm just gonna go after anybody that I can't and I really loud. That's available at the last time Hamas who is here he did. Guitar session with some of our listeners through Guitar Center. And right and he knew he was so gracious he was so kind. And it was eager nicely did you pretty much like the way you are that the we you can IC tell that they love teaching. Yeah exactly it's it's about giving back then you know obvious I'm living my dream you know I have not not I don't wanna I wanna help people also make it. You know maybe get out of the funky period of their life and find that next step you know. And that's one of the cool things you know I I think did that day we need more musicians like you who we need more musicians that actually give a damn about the listeners instead of themselves. And I think you do that in an unbelievable way especially given away guitar each year like you do through your website Kerio dot com. And and just it just your attitude now now always think he's just always been top shelf and kickass. Thank you ma'am we know what it would your position like myself to play music you up people admire you people that. U of W doing. I go on stage every night you know on the story I talk about I think demand at this world going to loosen creepy crazy times right now. You people kind of cut uptight and I tell people relax man you know when you're driving down the road and use this old man driving you crazy in front of you. You know that somebody's father that's somebody's grandfather that somebody's brother you know it's thing with a woman and to treat people were expected that. That could be your mother you don't need an end and he's the first one to say you know excuse me be the first one to say I'm sorry that's like how much did it it'll change the world. It will change the world would change the world especially for the FDA right now with some of the kickass music you god for the holiday season Gary how we. Yeah man I ever got got got just the Britney went off. Did the bad news. Its. The it's. Yeah. It's. Moon. In the. Yeah I bet I bet you must be a blast on an airplane ever ever without the guitar and they're trying to start jamming. You know it's funny how and I have a little battery anti we might still run on tour now and good if you like what the flight attendants like. The underwear you can decide how they make jokes and I can opt out I'm like OK let's play. And and they love that you know it and sometimes people like you know Dubya we want person looking at me like if he really doing that. Well I tell you like Gary Galley always a pleasure to have line and not only Christmas time and every time just keep talking throughout the year it's always a blast to have young to pound out a new album. Live in concert in Reno Nevada and receive and make that coming up on the fifteenth. In California on the fourteenth Santa Cruz the thirteenth Illinois a saint Charles on the eleventh the tenth alternate you do what you shows and armor and armed Auburn Hills. Yes we do to site back to back in the Detroit area we're excited. You do pretty well of their Manny what hell you do well everywhere Gary RIA get happy holidays. To see you in Reno I next week but I tell you what play is out with a great Christmas song and and you know the filming of the best. They have in your body of people we hang up dad dominant and we get myself never thought about over the air. The moon and then you do. It's. It's. I. Drew. I and it's. Yeah. Okay. It's. There. Larry our league aerial dot com get in there for the B Brandon guitar and he's given away the eighth annual and it's a beautiful 12 Gary holy dot com Gary thanks pal touch he's said. Are up.