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Thursday, March 30th


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Carolina's classic rock won a one point one it is that Tommy here again Charlotte motor speedway opens up his doors to everybody we're talking about the Pennzoil auto fair. Presented by advance auto pars coming up Thursday through Sunday. April 6 through the ninth he got thousands a classic custom high rise muscle cars on display. And we got Jonathan Coleman from Charlotte motor speedway tell us more what's up John then. All man I'm limit her name it is it's a great town to be out here Charlotte motor speedway we are geared up to kick off a busy. But all from spring season and mad is ready to roll. It is our tea and there's going to be a lot of stuff rolling into Charlotte motor speedway on the one point five mile speedway. More than fifty acres of hard to find parts memorabilia. Showcase his pavilion. And more than 42 cars in total value of more than nine million dollars in this is where sometimes do NASCAR drivers owners bring out their own personal cars and Sharma off. You really never know what you're gonna say you know you're gonna see from brutal stuff that's one of them the neat things about this show is we've got. It before our clubs from across the region that are gonna roll into town man not. Had that fellow former bringing beat up old clunkers and Pablo murmuring in a couple 100000 dollar you know souped up. Classic mode mobile core of our rod anything else it's just it's if you like ours in the show if you don't like Carter's. Here and you'll find comparable like a bottom and there's so much to see and it. We can see twiggy the no water skiing squirrel would be nice to cars. That's the exact right we've got a great great things on display. Squirrel but that rod around might have a little RC about all the water ski it is. Possibly the great. Yeah it's. It's hard to top really I can't oversell it and you know the the back story is just really goal a minute later traveled to countries and and she's. You know preach and that the water safety message but at the end of the day it's a squirrel on water ski. How much more safe chemed. Donna Johnathan Coleman Charlotte worries me where we're talking about Pennzoil auto fair. Presented by on advanced auto parts come to Charlotte motor speedway. This Thursday through Saturday that's the sixth through the ninth of April. And one of the cool things you guys always do the auto fair is in Charlotte motor speedway is. You always do an anniversary to eight a specific brand or type of car believe last year was. I don't for Lester the year before his mustangs you brought out and mustangs. This year is got to be after a lot of people's hearts especially here's smokey and the bandit fan. The fiftieth anniversary of the Pontiac trans am and the Chevy Camaro. You know it's really hard to top those two cars if you just think about that history of those Clark and and one of them. Probably one of the cool collection of anniversary cars we have ever had out here at the speedway. We really gone out and found. On some stars of the big start and we've got. Hit trans am from Knight Rider. Yeah. We've gotten you know get to commit errors from the transformers movies we've got the smokey and the bandit with the big old bird on the front of the hood. Odd trend I am so it it's two very different pars but they have both had a huge impact and you have people will see that that. Bird on the movie smokey and the bandit car. And they weigh heavily during that time when they're out. Seven 778. You could this when you're dead cat without it went zero everywhere right. And because everybody was like the iridescent dash really does it really bright justice but now you look at it if you fine wine which you your hard pressed to find. God if you find one you're looking at something well over a 100000 dollars and that iridescent dash looks really cool now. Absolutely absolutely it is definitely a bit. They're they're definitely showcases some and everyone you see now is just immaculate and and just been kept under lock and see him and shot that great. We've actually got one that's the deal valued at about 202000 dollars today. Top ten at C mom that's going to be out here as shook its pavilion. Mom and and you had his right smack in the middle of that million all of those great course. Thanks so much to the and and take yen but that your history Bob this is definitely a collection you're gonna wanna see. Especially especially with a Camaro is in night and I forgot that the rock pounds Jim Rockford drove. Basically a stock Camaro it. Absolutely you got it you got it where I want those from the show up here as well so. You know it's blood asset it's as much TV is well. At all like or let me tell about how might that. When the TV was babysitting that was usually tend then to. One of these yet have the transformers that point of departure and we have a movie series now with a mountain and just absolutely blog that transcends. Yeah. You know watch and smokey and the bandit watch in David outlaw and kit you know burn up the streets and I Ryder. You know a lot of nostalgia will be will be on display and and that's really is one of the displays we've got a great women generating display will maul them. Stock cars and the cars drag racing motorcycles. All really excited to see we've got on the roads have been to a tractor pulled away got a hundred horsepower. International tractor that that's rates by are you on the amount tractor pull racer. Just chips fruit he's going to be out here I mean to boost from over all and you know when he's the third one you mentioned you know you got a great show so. Legendary legend Harry truly troops he not only a customize there but he's also does TV show. And it's it if it if you got a chip whose custom you know you got something special. Absolutely and then worse show called tightly bottled inside politics is personal collection and it'll be the largest collection out to produce automobiles. Ever been assembled outside his shop in California. And just make sure there will take care of the look at their best tip you actually gonna come out here Friday and Saturday. Hang out with the fans do some product demonstrations signed some autographs. Show off some of these great cars just this huge huge burden for. You know for the auto chairman and we we can say it as much as we want to this is the biggest auto extravaganza on the planet ten and when you got out what it is common man. Erin would back up but thank. Was unbelievable and plus seeing if you're looking to restore your card you got a hard if you look at the hard to find pieces. This is definitely the place to go the Pennzoil on affair presented by advanced on a par Charlotte motor speedway Thursday through Sunday. April 6 through the ninth and you can get tickets through the website Charlotte motor speedway dot com. Single day tickets are just eleven bucks kids thirteen and under get in for free with a an adult admission. Again more information you had at Charlotte motor speedway dot com. Gates of an up and any entry six Thursday through Saturday 8 AM to four on Sunday and more information the web site looking for beautiful leather ring it's going to be a great time but that. This is just a precursor of what we have yet to come with a Coca-Cola 600. The all star race and of course the base Kennedy raised it Eleanor Skinner coming concert for a free show at the 600. Lots to do it Charlotte motor speedway this year. Go ahead just yet planned to be here. So that's that's it if you got a free weekend walk out was to get something going on them yeah drag races are right around the corner and like this that would roll right and from that into our. Part ten days of thunder with the all star race but because it's 600. Problem just just a great time liked it says that it's always. We've we've had our off season sort of like NASCAR and then now we're ready ready to step on the throttle and and just roll right in the spring. Well Eddie you do to imply she got something coming up Charlie at the half mile dirt oval you've got some motorcycle racing coming up this year as well. And done well in fact that's coming up in a couple of days. It sure is get a bit flat track is is tear him down as we cannot let there were there yesterday if things didn't setup I'm not. We have going to be another big show like that it's there's there's never shorted on the we have not here at the speedway and knock. This is motorcycles. Pulled off tackle we show up and not wouldn't look forward to get them back in town and and didn't look tired to them well. Jonathan tell you what we appreciate you calling in and let us know what's going on Charlotte motor speedway Bruton in markets as Smith always do it up. And you guys out there Charlie Morris B where always the best for the fans and you wanna get like Johnson was saying pick a weekend come on out for the weekend it's a great time Charlotte motor speedway 180455. Fans as Marcus causes them of the race vacation specialists. Can set you up. And other probably the nicest people you'll ever talked to on the phone and of course when something new comes up Jonathan give us a buzz will like get you on and I will see what's going on we Charlotte borders be black. Always appreciate that Matt.