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Solar eclipse

LISTEN: Your Solar Eclipse Soundtrack

As soon as people started talking about the 2017 solar eclipse, it’s as if everyone suddenly remembered Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 track “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” We mean no offense to Ms. Tyler, but seriously? Why should Bonnie get all the credit when there are 22 songs right here that revolve around... Read More
Ringo Starr of The Beatles

Ringo Starr Shares New Country Song, "So Wrong for So Long"

Ringo Starr is back with another new song, “ So Wrong for So Long ,” and this one’s got some serious country flair. This is the first song Starr and Dave Stewart wrote together when they went to Nashville with the intention of writing a country album; however, once there, Starr was offered a tour... Read More
solar eclipse

5 of Our Favorite Solar Eclipse Superstitions

You’ve probably heard that if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back. You’ve probably heard that bad luck is sure to follow if you break a mirror. And you’ve also (hopefully by now) heard that a total solar eclipse will occur on August 21. While most are going to watch (with special... Read More
Tommy Lee at the announcement that all the original members of Motley Crue reunite for the Red, White & Crue Tour 2005... Better Live Than Dead. Motley Crue also perform a mini concert for lucky fans at The Palladium, Hollywood, CA. 12-06-04

Tommy Lee Reacts To Kids Reacting To Mötley Crüe

A growing series on the YouTube REACT channel often introduces the music from some of the greatest bands in the world to today's youth. The kids are known for sharing their honest, candid opinions of the artists and their catalogues. But in a special Inception -style episode, drummer Tommy Lee of... Read More

Thursday August 17th, 2017

Stoneman here, today we started with an “R” Rock Steady-Bad Company Kirk Yours Is No Disgrace-Yes The Coach Roadhouse Blues-The Doors Ryan Shout At The Devil-Motley Crue Skip Learning To Fly-Pink loyd Wes You Better You Bet-The Who Alan Thunderstruck-AC/DC Taylor Katmandu-Bob Seger Josh Connect the... Read More
Van Morrison at the US-Ireland Alliance event honoring Van Morrison.

LISTEN: Van Morrison Shares New Song, "Transformation"

Van Morrison has shared the lead single, “Transformation,” off his forthcoming album, Roll With The Punches , out September 22. But as NPR notes, if the song’s title was meant to be an indication of the transformation he’s gone through as an artist, then he certainly fooled us, because this has... Read More

Texas Mother Asks to Reschedule Solar Eclipse for Her Kids

We are one week away from the solar eclipse, and I am seeing more and more viewing parties popping up on Facebook. Well, one of those invites has gone viral becuase a Texas mom didn't understand that we couldn't tell the universe to reschedule the universe. One Texas woman was concerned about the... Read More