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Thursday October 19th, 2017

Stoneman here, today we started with a “Y” Yankee Rose-David Lee Roth Just The Same Way-Journey Chris @ Lockheed Youth Gone Wild-Skid Row Dreams, I’ll Never See-Molly Hatchet Beast Of Burden-Rolling Stones Steve Modern Day Cowboy-Tesla Chris Young Lust-Pink Floyd Matt The Lemon Song-Led Zeppelin... Read More
Gene Simmons of KISS

WATCH: Gene Simmons and a Pumpkin

Something about rock music and Halloween just go together right? I mean the two just seem to go hand in hand. When I think of Halloween, I love to create a playlist and the first bands that come to mind . . . Rob Zombie , The Misfits , Marilyn Manson . . . and KISS ! And okay, KISS may not be FIRST... Read More
ZZ Top

ZZ TOP Cancels Remainder of Their Tour

There's a disturbing “trend” lately of heritage rockers having to either postpone or outright cancel their tours due to illness/medical issues. First, BOB SEGER (pinched vertebrae), then SCORPIONS (vocal issues for Klaus Meine ), and now ZZ TOP has announced the cancelation of their 2017 Tonnage... Read More

Record Store Day Announces Black Friday 2017 Releases

The complete list of Black Friday 2017 Record Store Day releases has been announced, and there are some goodies to look out for in three types of releases: Record Store Day Exclusive Release, Record Store Day Limited Run / Regional Focus Release, and Record Store Day First Release. Below, we’ve... Read More
Gord Downie performs his Secret Path project, the story of Chanie Wenjack, at the National Arts Centre

Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip Dies at 53

Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip ’s lead singer Gord Downie died on Tuesday, October 17 with his family nearby. The following day, Downie’s family shared a heartfelt message for fans on Facebook. Read the full statement below. According to Entertainment Weekly , Downie was diagnosed with brain... Read More

Former CU Baseball Player Dies

Former Clemson pitcher, Blake Holliday, has passed away at age 19. Holliday is from Belton and played high school ball at Belton Honea-Path before attending Clemson as a freshman. ... read more Read More

Here Are the Most Popular Liquors in Each State

If you’re a whiskey fan, then this is the post for you. Please read on. If you’re not a whiskey fan, then this is the post for you. Please read on. According to information gathered by analyzing images and posts from the 700,000 young people using the social drinking app BARTRENDr, whiskey is one... Read More