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Then and Now....Predications from a decade ago

Now that some of the political dust has settled here in South Carolina I thought I would ignore the body politic for a period of time.  Then I ran across a video from 2002.  That’s right a 10 year old video of a speech given by the least popular candidate…Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul’s message hasn’t cut through the majority of the clutter…and it hadn’t made much of an impact on me either.  That is…until now.  What makes this YouTube video so interesting is the lengthy series of predications representative Paul proffered.  Even more interesting is they ALL have come true.  Ten years ago he had no idea what party would control the Congress or the Presidency.

The entire clip is 6 minutes long…and as you see the resulting headlines juxtaposed to his predications….keep in mind the headlines are current….and the predictions are a decade old.

It’s important you understand I am not “endorsing” Dr. Paul…..his platform or his fact I didn’t vote for him Saturday during the primary.  I only found his accuracy pretty impressive.  Anything beyond that is up to your own ideals


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01/25/2012 8:21AM
Then and Now....Predications from a decade ago
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