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Larry Wilson

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Terrible ? Life Changing News

I got some terrible news over the weekend.

The type of news that can and will change multiple aspects of my life.

The type of news that has that odd ability to thrill others, while boding negative for you.

Saturday….while everything seemed fine in my quaint, uncomplicated world, I was told..Krispy Kreme is building a new store……just down from our  studios on Woodruff road.

I admit I am a weak man. 

Many things tempt me, and this will have disastrous effects on me. I will have to buy new, larger pants, I'll have out of control blood sugar, and contend with those flakes of doughnut glaze in my beard and dotting all my shirts.The list goes on and on.


Friends, it’s a dark day in Mr. Wilsons neighborhood.

10/07/2012 7:11PM
Terrible – Life Changing News
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10/08/2012 9:38AM
right there with you
We have a new one coming to Anderson too! I can so relate to your problems!
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