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Larry Wilson

  Larry Wilson tries to corral the John Boy & Billy Big Show from 6am to 10am in the mornings, then gently rocks you to sleep at night from 6pm to midnight.  Did we say gently?  Yeah... right!  And check out Larry's sarcastic view on the world and his desires to "thin the herd" on his blog!

Time to Thin the Herd

Its been a while since we did a "Thin the Herd" segment because , well, I've been trying to be a nicer, more tolerant person this year.  It's January 15 and time to say "F" that !
Over the weekend I was treated to an episode of "The Shahs of Sunset",  I used to think the Kardashians were a waste of skin, and they are...BUT this group on the Shahs is the biggest collection of gas bags I have ever seen.

Here is an example....


Then you have this rump ranger that runs around the entire episode talking about how hot HE is and how he basically wants to be a woman.  

This atrocious piece of crap is a production  from the fertile mind of Ryan Seacrest.  The same guy that brought us all those Kardashian chicks with big butts, no talent, and whose first names all start with K. I admire his work ethic...but his taste in programming leaves a lot to be desired.

So with that in mind...time to round em up....and thin the herd!  Clean up the gene pool by removing examples of the weak and disgusting.  Lets start with the Kardashians and the Shahs...and we may as well throw in Seacrest for good measure.


01/15/2013 8:41AM
Time to Thin the Herd
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08/12/2013 4:34PM
Hell-O Ole'Lar.Man,That Dana Hill,sure is LUCKY!...??? She's Caroline Wilson's Mom.Little Caroline,she's a beautifull child,also BEST Friend's with My little(adopted)Hara.As allways,We will,be listening to YOU!THE WORLD-WIDE?WILSON,WROQ'S Finest,nite-time D.J.& YOU'RE all that?& a bag of ?call us @864-472-9565-land-line,allways.Thanks,DUDE...whenever,I DON'T sleep much,DON'T Wanna Miss a THING!!!I'm like?I'll sleep when,I'm DEAD!LOL...
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