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Rocking the Geezers!!!

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Sylvester Stallone AND Arnold Shwarzenegger have movies coming out at the same time. 

Both are action movies while both are...well.....beyond that age where jumpng from moving cars is a bit much to believe.

Maybe the fact that someone bankrolled films with these guys are truly signs the world is coming to an end.    LOL



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01/16/2013 9:14AM
Signs that the end is coming!!
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08/02/2013 11:29AM
I'm NOT a watcher of T.V.?MUSIC-My Life.but,You are...SO?Wait 4 IT...The Entainer of the NET!!!HotRod,and I'd Love,to go to a Movie Theatre...???Whenever???Ms.MaLone.a.k.a.?
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