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Poll Results

In addition to doing the Late Shift here at Rock101, I produce the public affairs programming and author the daily poll questions located on the home page here on .

I thought it might be interesting to review a few of the questions and their responses.

Several times this year I plan to ask your preference for President assuming campaign developments may cause you to rethink your choice. Here is a June post.

If the election were held today, who would you vote for? 
Democrat  (10%)
Republican  (81%)
3rd Party  (10%)
None of the above (0%)

How Many Guns Do You Have In Your Home?
More Than 7  78%

 How many time have you used the Southern Connector Toll road this year?
1 - 10 times 25%
11- 20  0%
More than 20 times  13%
We have a toll road ?  50%

Do you think the Obama Healthcare plan is Constitutional ?
Yes  4%
No  93%
He has a healthcare plan?  4%

Who is your favorite Big Show character?

Reverend Billy Ray   (13%)
Ricky B. Sharp  (6%)
Hoyt & Delbert  (6%)
Max Max  3 Votes (19%)
Married Man  (0%)
Lipless  (13%)
The Rev & Goob  (6%)
Ike Turner 0 Votes (0%)
Oliver  (38%)

 Do you Own a GPS system?
Yes. (63%)
No   (37%)

How long has it been since your last traffic ticket?
Less than 6 months (0%)
6 -12 months (0%)
1 - 3 years   (25%)
3 - 5 years   (75%)
Never Never Never! (0%)

The President of Chic-Fil-A and a local Gay Rights Activist disagree on what constitutes a marriage. Who do you agree with?
Chic-Fil-A   (89%)
Gay Rights (11%)

Is high speed pursuit by law enforcement too dangerous?
Yes...its too risky. (38%)
No...catch them at all costs. (62%)

August 9th, we asked If the election were held today, who would you vote for?
Obama  (13%)
Romney (60%)
Neither.   (27%)

Should prostitution be legal?
Yes   (74%)
No    (26%)

The current poll question asks if video poker machines should remain illegal.  You can cast your vote this weekend.

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08/17/2012 6:58AM
Poll Results
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