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New for 2013 - Holding People Accountable

Its all about the new year...2013 and resolutions.  This year I have but one and it too will be a bitch to maintain.
It has nothing to do with losing weight, being nicer, more optimistic or patient. No...all of those crashed an burned in the first 10 days of past years.  This year...its all about accountability.

This year I will be making sure that people understand their role in the vendor - customer relationship.  I am the customer and they will live up to their part of the bargain.  When I pay for something, it will be right, or an ugly cloud will decend over the offending party.  Too dramatic? Yea...I thought too.

Anyway, 2013 is year I start making the folks I pay for goods and services remember that I am the customer.  In other more F*@+ing excuses.

Maybe Don Henley and the Eagles can underscore the point.

Now...go forth and do above average things.

01/07/2013 4:19PM
New for 2013 - Holding People Accountable
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