Larry Wilson
I'm playing Classic Rock 101.1...I know, it's a big job. I think I'll go lay down now.

Larry Wilson

  Larry Wilson tries to corral the John Boy & Billy Big Show from 6am to 10am in the mornings, then gently rocks you to sleep at night from 6pm to midnight.  Did we say gently?  Yeah... right!  And check out Larry's sarcastic view on the world and his desires to "thin the herd" on his blog!

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Continuing with "The Earbud Playlist".

Once you crank up a Harley and find an open stretch of road NOTHING sounds / feel better than a little AC/DC with what I call the best they've ever done.  Its a Long Way to the Top!

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01/09/2013 6:06AM
More from the Earbuds
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08/02/2013 7:18PM
Hey YOU,Love The Thunder from DownUnder!!!Jody Dude,STILL,My beating Heart,I'm about to GO INSANE!!!MY FONE...???I don't have a CLUE.but this guy?went to school with em',said:You sent Me atext mess.???@3:30a.m.Fri.morn.tha 27th.???with aPIC.???LOL!
08/13/2013 12:21AM
LarryWilson's,Follers&All the Talked About
Just.NO! NOT really.Dude,You have @800 follers&...&@ 400 or 398?people just,talking @YOU?I DON'T& Won't have,Much To Do with NOBODY.Anything?ME,will be the,TRUTH(if you will,LIE.Then I Know YOU,will STEAL!HEY,Thanks 4 THE Awesome!!!Greeg Allman& BRO.'sWhat a GERAT!!!Wk.of NOT!the same,Same OLD SISUATION(songs also,contain a message.Like Every Picture,Tells a Story...?YEP,this H.D.Dude,took ME for,A RIDE.NO Doubt, is was Absolutly Wonderfull!for HIM.I GUESS/KNOW!!!but, That HOT July Day,long ago,when(yes,we all NO,U DON'T CARE!)met Him,OMG!!!All @ ME!Then,ever been in a HIT&RUN?Sucks!Big Time!All Ya'll know what,I'm talking About,orYOU,BOY!Get IN ,THAT BED!Too young!Em' ole'HEARTBREAKERS!!!You can,4-give,or NOT!I say,Hey I'm Grown.NO,children,CATS RULE!Dogs BARK!What a ,GERAT DAY! and to All a,Good-nite.When YOU,Wake?IT Will be the,First DAY of THE REST of yer LIFE!!! Spin-Doctor...
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