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For Every Action....There Is A Reaction

You never know how a day will progress.  Mine starts around 4am and by the time the Big Show is over at 10 it’s safe to “assume” the biggest challenges or distractions are out of the way.  Beyond that it’s dealing with other business components, decisions, commitments, etc. for a separate firm I’m involved with.  Friday was no different…..until around noon.

I’m sitting at my desk doing some research into a problem; the TV is on but muted, as I  listen to a conference call regarding this problem.  I happened to look up and one of my favorite news people, Lester Holt of NBC


is on the air with a ‘breaking news’’ graphic on the lower portion of the screen.  
It was at that moment my quite, pre-holiday Friday afternoon emotionally went in a different direction. 

The initial accounts of the school shooting in Connecticut were coming in. Every channel had something different to report regarding the shooter, his mother, the location of
her death, the growing body count, and of course the early comments regarding gun control.  I was reminded of one thing Friday as I watched all of the television news outlets scramble for the next new detail……TV is the first draft of history. 

It is now Sunday afternoon.  The NFL is in full swing and in Connecticut, the numbers of the dead and wounded are pretty stable, the names are factual, and the accounts of both the horror and the bravery are beginning to circulate. Earlier this morning in church we were asked to remember those that survived and the families with those that didn’t.  Beyond that, while it seems so far away, its discomforting to realize that the same evil, that same mental instability, that same level of violence could happen here……at any time
During the service this morning I saw someone I hadn’t seen before enter the sanctuary and walk down the center aisle.  For a brief moment I tensed up and wondered if something was about to happened right in front of me. I watched carefully for a sign of anger, or a move to a weapon under his jacket. Naturally it was nothing
 more than a late arrival to a peaceful service. 
I wonder if I was the only person among 300 that had the same apprehension. 

I suspect I was not alone in being a little more on guard. 

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12/16/2012 4:56PM
For Every Action....There Is A Reaction
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