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Debate Drinking Game

Here is a list of potential “Drinking Game” rules for tonight’s Debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
Pick a side.  You’re either drinking for President Obama or Governor Romney.  “Social” drinks are when EVERYONE in the game has to drink.
Drink When A Candidate Says:
·        “47 Percent”
·        “30 percent”
·        Loopholes
·        Inherited
·        Tax Cuts
·        $250,000
·        Obama Care
·        Reagan
·        Freedom
·        5 Point Plan
·        The American People
·        Refers to the moderator by their first name.
Everybody Drinks
·        President Obama says: “Ummmmm”
·        Candidate gets caught checking their watch.
·        Either candidate kisses the moderator’s ass
·        Audience member asks a dumb question but the candidates pretend it’s a good question.
·        Calls President Obama “Barack” instead of “President Obama”.
·        President Obama calls Governor Romney “Mitt” instead of “Governor Romney”
·        A candidate gets interrupted by the moderator.
·        A candidate whines about the other guy getting more time than he did.
·        Someone refers to Vice President Biden as “Joe.”

Finish Your Drink If:
·        Mitt Romney arrives in a car with a dog tied to the roof.
·        Michelle Obama flexes her amazing arms.

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10/16/2012 2:15PM
Debate Drinking Game
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