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Def Leppard guitarist Viv Campbell has revealed via his Facebook page that he is currently undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Campbell, who previously enjoyed stints in Dio and Whitesnake before replacing Leppard's late-guitarist Steve Clark in 1992, also served double duty over the years with Thin Lizzy.

Viv Campbell's post puts his friends and fans at ease, showing him to be the road warrior he's always been known to be, touring not only with Def Leppard this summer -- but also hitting the road with Last In Line -- featuring former members of Dio.

Viv Campbell's Facebook announcement reads in full:

I feel fortunate that my cancer sent me an alarm call in the form of 'the cough that wouldn't quit.' Otherwise, how would I have known? After several months of trying every inhaler known to man, my doctor finally had me X-rayed. A further CAT scan revealed that enlarged lymph nodes were doing wrestling maneuvers on my windpipe -- hence the cough. What was causing the enlarged lymph nodes, however, was yet to be determined, so I underwent a surgical biopsy on March 11th, the first day of Leppard rehearsals for our Viva Las Vegas shows. Obviously, I didn't make it to rehearsal that day, but it's okay; I know the songs by now. . .

My diagnosis was Hodgkin's Lymphoma and six months of chemotherapy is the prescribed treatment. I'm about 2 months in and feeling rather spiffy, all things considered. Hodgkin's has an over 80 percent cure rate, so by my reckoning, if you're going to have a cancer, Hodgie's is the one to have!

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because, despite cancer and chemo, me and my new aerodynamic hairstyle (read: no hair) are going on tour this summer with the band and I don't want anyone to be so shocked by my new look that they ask for a refund. Simple economics, really.

My family, friends and bandmates have all been extremely supportive through this and I look forward to a summer full of shows with both Def Leppard in June/July and the debut of Last In Line this August.


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06/11/2013 11:52AM
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08/10/2013 6:38PM
VIV Campbell
WOW!StoneMan,Jody hear.What...? A Cool Dude,so glad Everything's going well for Him& the Band.Looking,foreward to some shows!!!MUSIC!Big part of My Life!!Allday& Night!Nothing Good on T.V. 2-nite,cept SNL!!!LOL,Luv Ya!Have a Great Nite&I'm way A-Head!Yep,Got 2 may-be?Someday,I'd like to come,2 tha Station,I WON'T Touch Anything,just Want,to See:Where All That Magic,Happens.Really.
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