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Brain Clutter

As we move to the weekend, lit time to clean a portion of the “brain clutter.”

Politics – I am embarrassed to be a Republican this election. I look at the field, listen to the speeches and then want to take a long long nap. Let me summarize it this way..when a candidate NEEDS Donald Trump to endorse  you…well, it’s all over.

Football – Every year at this time we get a note from our partners in programming…..Legal.
They remind the on-air personalities that we aren’t allowed to use the word “Super Bowl” when referring to …..the Super Bowl.  We can call it the Big Game, or some other stupid descriptor, but not the “Super Bowl.”  Somehow the NFL got a judge to agree that those words can’t be used when referring to the Super Bowl.  Damn.


The “Big Game” – Halftime entertainment.    Madonna.    Damn.

Ground Hog Day – Really? The meteorologists can’t predict the weather 8 hours in advance…..BUT we have HUGE celebration when an overgrown rat predicts the weather for 8 weeks.    Damn.

Taxes – When I drive by a tax preparation place, and see a guy standing next to the road, dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume, waving at cars…..I think “THAT” would be who did MY taxes if I went THERE.
Say it with me….”Damn.”

Facebook – By August there will be 1 BILLON people on Facebook. I feel uncomfortable when I hear two women say they are going to the restroom together.  Do I really want to know the issues, and joys of essentially total strangers? YES…because my boss says its good for radio. (Sorry Mark).

Have a nice weekend.....enjoy the Big Game.   Damn 

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02/03/2012 8:57AM
Brain Clutter
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02/03/2012 9:39AM
Imagine that...
tried to say Da*# with you and the comment was rejected due to profanity..somehow I am not surprised.. it keeps getting better
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