Larry Wilson

Larry started hanging with ROCK 101 in June 2006 and does a double shift as news guy in the mornings during John Boy and Billy and rocks you to sleep at night from 7pm to midnight.

Larry's dry wit and love of anything Harley has made him a hit in the Upstate. His blogs continuarlly bring listeners closer to the truth with his "culling the herd" segments and his insightful looks into the bizarre and strange ways of ordinary and not so ordinary people of our time.

Checking in with Larry we asked him a few questions about his favorite times with ROCK 101:

What did you do before you came to ROCK 101?:
Managed the largest privately owned voice and date network for Blackstone Partners.

Tell us some of your favorite stories when you worked with ROCK 101:
Well....I've seen examples of the difference between owning an "empty suit" and working for one.
I met the guy that drives the limo for John Boy and Billy.
I met Butch...the King of Pelzer.
I know an guy with more letters behind his name & title than a kid that threw up a can of alphabet soup.
I work with a freak named Twisted, an Asian kid named Dexter and a guy named after a number.

What is/was your favorite artist?:
Steve Perry & Journey......BTW, you DO know I'm kidding.

What is/was your favorite album?:
The first 3 Beatles LPs, and anything by Richard Pryor..

Favorite concert you attended:
John Tesh does AC/DC.

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