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Another Big weekend.

The weather sucked.

The choices on TV were slim..Especially with the political ads strewn everywhere.
I voted early Saturday morning and decided to watch a DVD from Netflix.  Don’t ge me started on how much I LOVE Netflix
I settled on Moneyball with Brad Pitt.

 Now….I’ve never been a big Brad Pitt fan…but I wanted to see this movie.
I see this morning it was  nominated for an academy award. I enjoyed it….especially since it was based on actual events.

Before I forget…its time to thin the herd

1 The Captain of the cruise ship that is currently laying on its side on the coast of Italy. 
Looks like the Skipper and Gilligan had a better ratio of survivors when the storm took the USS Minnow

2 The ass-hats from Westboro Baptist Church.  They plan to attend the funeral for Joe Paterno….and protest gays in America.  I don’t advocate violence here…BUT…..

3 Steven Tyler. Steve…..I love ya…please don’t ever do the national Anthem in public again. Please.

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01/24/2012 9:22AM
Another Big weekend.
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