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After a "brief"pause.....The Return of Wilsons Blog

 Well looky here. Old Lar has done gone and started a blog.

Now I could give you a number of reasons why I haven’t written a blog since August.  The truth is I got bored with myself and the things I wrote.  So, my thinking was why bore both of us?

Anyway I’ve been badgered by a huge number of people to write again.  Truthfully, its only been three folks: my sister, the web mistress and my boss.  I figured while I needed to make one happy, I could throw in the other two for free.

A lot has gone on since our last “conversation”, but there is no point dredging up old news and the most recent development is Rick Perry pulled out of the republican primary earlier today.  Lets face it….Governor Perry was just a slightly more articulate version of George W. Bush.  

Finally, some sad news. Johnny Otis, the "godfather of rhythm and blues" who wrote and recorded the R&B classic "Willie and the Hand Jive" and for decades evangelized black music to white audiences as a bandleader and radio host, has died. He was 90.
Otis, who had been in poor health for several years, died at his home in the Los Angeles foothill suburb of Altadena 
So with all that being said lets revive a feature from the beginning days of this blog.  Kids, its time to “thin the herd.”

First - The advisors for Mitt Romney that thought it was a good idea to call my house three times a day with a recorded message. I also appreciate their apparent need to spend an increasing amount of cash on printing and postage.  I’ve averaged 2.5 pieces of mail from his campaign alone.

Second – Lady Gaga. For being…well..Lady Gaga.  A latter day version of Madonna.

Third – The Pastor and members of Westboro Baptist Church.  A collection of gas bags that have no respect for the hurt  they cause.”F” em.

So there you have it.  I promise the next post will arrive sooner than later….but not necessarily any better 
Stay loose. 

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01/19/2012 2:58PM
After a "brief"pause.....The Return of Wilsons Blog
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