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A Night on the Town...with YOUR kids.

Every once in a while we like to go out without the entire clan being there.  I love my brothers, but its hard to keep up with their charm, wit and general insight.

Last Saturday we went to an upscale legendary Greenville steakhouse.  The kind of place that doesn’t hire teenagers, and puts more focus on the quality of the food than the number of pieces of “Flair” the servers wear.

We were seated and to my right was a table with 5 adults and 3, count’em three kids ranging from 6 months to 3 years.  As soon as we sat down the toddler began this blood curdling scream for no apparent reason. I say “apparent” because on the surface everything seemed fine. He wasn’t on fire, no signs of open wounds, or a menacing dogs.  As usual I was wrong.  There was a reason for the ear splitting noise.  One of the “adults” was freaking the kid out…and every time the wailing began, this human hemorrhoid laughed out loud.  He thought it was hilarious. 

Now, it has been my experience that when one child begins to get hysterical, it’s as contagious as watching someone yawn.  The other kids feel compelled to chime in. 

So there we are, looking forward to a nice steak, adult conversation, having to compete with three screaming kids and 2 cackling adults. 


The “better half” was nervous I was going to stab that guy in the throat, and  the smart money would have been on that.   The kids calmed down after one of the real grownups told that A-hole to stop getting the baby upset.


I told all of that…to tell you this.  The wife thinks restaurants should have “kid free” zones, or not allow kids at all

When you go to McDonalds you expect kids. 

When you go to Chucky-Cheese, you expect kids.


When go to a steakhouse and plan to drop $50 a head on a meal…you do NOT expect KIDS. 

Its not that I don’t like kids, I just don’t want them, or anyone else screaming in my ear at dinner. 

So there.

I feel better.

How bout you?

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02/13/2012 6:45AM
A Night on the Town...with YOUR kids.
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02/13/2012 8:06AM
wheres dislike button?? if u dont want kids around stay that take our kids that behave out no matter how much it cost says for yall with no kids u wouldnt know!!
02/13/2012 8:42AM
Well said. Larry
02/13/2012 8:42AM
Well said. Larry
02/13/2012 10:28AM
if you can't teach your kids (and/or adults) to behave when they're out in public they should be left at home! i'm all for kid free zones.
02/13/2012 7:34PM
Great idea
Sounds like a great idea. When our kids were small, we left them with the grandparents in order to enjoy an adult night out. Instead of smoking or non-smoking, it could be kids or no kids. Adult could be seated in one section and families with young children in a separate section.
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